Proceeds to People

Who Are We?

The Proceeds to People Movement is a student-run organization started by Sachin Kulkarni. We are fixated on spreading awareness on the international issue of poverty-driven hardships.

How We Started

Proceeds to People is based in Fresno, California and was established as a volunteer organization, focusing on eliminating the economic disparities found in communities. With time, we developed a system to work with others, create connections, and build relationships. Now, Proceeds to People can fundraise, volunteer, and spread awareness by any means as we continue to grow.

Some of our partners:

Poverello House:

Recently, we partnered with the Poverello House and served meals to the homeless/hungry in an effort to decrease the stress that many have of "where will my next meal come from?"

Tagua Fair Trade:

The motives of this nonprofit fit the needs of our own, so we decided to partner and have an event in which we invite students to help volunteer at a local Tagua store. By supporting fair trade, we are supporting artisans around the world as they are ensured payment in advance for their items. With this, they can support their families and earn a wage to ensure maintenance of the necessities of life.

Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders):

Along with our partner club, Proceeds to People fundraises money through different campaigns in order to support the MSF mission. Our nonprofits support each other's volunteer initiatives as we work towards a better tomorrow.