Blog: Bridging the Gap with Data

Daniel Hwang, February 4th, 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic has only highlighted the significant issue of inequity within the US healthcare system. However, for the most part we have failed to pick up and act on it. One of our most powerful tools to make the conclusions that help deter problems that arise from COVID-19 is data, but it can be mismanaged and misused. An American Medical Association article describes how there can be too little data or bad data that leads to inaction or faulty action. Inequities that arise from socioeconomic disparity and especially racism have limited the poor and POC communities' ability to get help for the chronic conditions they have suffered through and the new COVID-19 pandemic. Through correct data, these gaps can be filled in in this struggle for equality.

Blog: IN$ULlN

Rohun Malhotra, January 15th, 2021

Our most recent partner, Poverello House, has agreed to support us in our cause to fundraise for the homeless. A large problem in our society is the inability of the less-fortunate to receive medication. Insulin for diabetics is just one of the many medications the homeless desperately need. An estimated 1.6 million lives are lost to diabetes every year. Want to know how many of these deaths were caused by minimal access to insulin? 13%. The cost of this live-saving insulin can pile up to over $1000 per month.

Our partnership with the Poverello House will help us help others in need of financial assistance.

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