Role of Probiotics for Oral Health

According to some bigger studies, it is the proven fact that probiotics offer health benefits for body systems which are located far beyond the stomach. However, we are here to talk about the health benefits of oral health because mouth is the entry point of gastrointestinal tract. Dentist and scientists have discovered probiotics to be extremely helpful in fighting diseases related to gums and teeth.

Good news is that you can add probiotics in your foods. This addition can help you delay and even stop oral infections from progressing. If you are taking a preemptive action here, you may able to completely avoid these infections.

Researches about probiotics

There have been a number of studies conducted on the effectiveness of probiotics for oral health from a number of perspectives. A study published in Swedish Dental Journal states that probiotics can be helpful in reducing gum bleeding in the patients who suffer from moderate to severe gingivitis. Another “Caries Research” has found probiotics to be helpful in fighting cavities. This study showed that use of mouth rinse containing probiotics had helped in reducing the chances of plaque formation by 20 percent. Some other studies showed that probiotics could prevent sulfur producing bacteria from working. These bacteria are known for generating bad breath. According to Cancer Prevention Research, probiotics can even help in preventing oral cancer.

Way probiotics work

The natural purpose of probiotics is to fight the infection causing bacteria. In case of oral health, probiotics mainly target pathogens. There are different ways probiotics prevent the strengthening of pathogens. One way is that these probiotics strengthen the immune system, leading to the added defense against pathogens. And probiotics also kill pathogens in direct manner. The probiotics have some amazing properties which help in reducing inflammation. Reduction in inflammation helps in curtailing the effects of pathogens.

Getting probiotics from dietary sources

Probiotics are present in dietary sources in abundance. There are different types of foods which contain these healthy bacteria. If you observe, you will find these foods to be helpful for different areas of gastrointestinal tract. Dairy products are well-known for containing probiotics. Yogurt, cultured cottage cheese, buttermilk and kefir are best sources for probiotics.

Given the benefits of probiotics, you should consider using them on daily basis. The best way to get probiotics is to get them from natural food resources. If you think that you are going to have to shift to supplement use in order to get a supply of probiotics, you can consult your dentist or health physician.