Discussion Meeting on Stochastic Analysis, Geometry, and Random Fields

Jan 06-10, 2020. ISI, Bangalore


    • 14/05/2019 : Registration is open for participants requiring accommodation and/or travel support. Deadline : 10th July, 2019.

Goal of the Meeting

Probability is a very exciting area of research in mathematical sciences. The research community has seen tremendous growth in the recent past both in India and internationally. There have been many workshops with graduate-level mini-courses in Bangalore and elsewhere in India. The aim of this discussion meeting is to complement these workshops by having experts speak about recent progress in probability theory and its applications.

Further, increasing interest and expertise in stochastic analysis, stochastic geometry and random fields in India also means that it is an ideal time to have a broad discussion meeting that will cover the latest developments in these areas. This meeting aims to foster strong research collaborations in these domains between probabilists in India and abroad. To this end, we plan to hold a similar meeting every 3-4 years.

Bangalore has the highest concentration of probabilists in India who are spread across premier institutes like ICTS, IIM, IISc, ISI and TIFR-CAM. With this in mind and our previous experience of such meetings in Bangalore, we expect many participants to attend the meeting including students from these institutes.

There shall be 20-25 talks by invited speakers and we shall also have a poster session.