Satellite imagery

Satellite Imagery:

- Bhuvan - a geoportal offered by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for satellite imagery - has images which you can request to track changes in pattern of land use over time and space. I have some experience with QGIS to analyze images. I have also used R when some extraction needs be repeated multiple times.

- NOAA has made available VIIRS monthly nighttime images of the earth. VIIRS begins in 2012. India is in Tile 3 (75N/060E). Nighttime images before 2012 come from DMSP-OLS. The sensors on VIIRS are not the same as those on DMSP-OLS, so the quality of images between the two is different.

- Shapefiles to extract data can be found on DataMeet.

- How to georeference historical images using QGIS

- GADM database of global administrative boundaries