Elections (state and national level):

  • TCPD has released state assembly elections (1962-present) along with data on candidates which is available here.
  • Election results (state and national) are published by the Election Commission of India. They are however in a pdf format. I have used Tabula to extract data from pdf to either a xls or csv format. There is also Poppler which a friend recommended but I have not used it.
  • Note: Gujarat became a state of its own in 1960. This new state comprised of mainland Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch. The first assembly elections for this unified area were held in 1962. Prior to this, mainland Gujarat was a part of Bombay for the 1951 assembly elections. Saurashtra had it own assembly elections in 1951. In 1956, Saurashtra and Kutch get merged into Bombay. This combined area holds assembly elections in 1957.

- Rikhil Bhavnani has compiled election results (both state and national) from 1977-2012 and they are in a non-pdf format. Francesca R. Jensenius has also curated some electoral data.

- Raphael Susewind has curated electoral data on religion and politics for Uttar Pradesh. To browse the sql files you can use sqlitebrowser.

- Interested in comparing election outcomes across countries then check out University of Michigan's Constituency-Level Elections Archive.

- (Article on what can we and what we cannot learn from elections data?)

Polling stations:

- Link to geocoded polling stations made available by the ECI

Politicians (individual level):

- Go to Association for Democratic Reforms to find out more about a politician. This website has information about individual politician's financial assets and criminal records.