- Here you will find a list of past and ongoing projects on the study of conflict, violence and peace put together by Christian Davenport and Will Moore.

- JPR's replication datasets

- Steve Wilkinson and Ashutosh Varshney coded events of conflict between Hindus and Muslims as reported by The Times of India beginning 1950 to 1995.

- Ajay Verghese's data on ethnic violence.

- Geocoded conflict data is made available by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program. To understand what has been coded please be sure to read their definitions page.

- Gaurav Khanna is working on several data projects such as Maoist related conflict events. Please contact him if you are interested in anything.

- Connect with scholars studying the aspects of non-state/rebels via the Rebel Governance Network.

- Came across this website which maps land conflicts in India.

Coding data:

- Standards and best practices for observational data put together by Christian Davenport and Will Moore (Will's piece on observation itself being problematic) with input from several scholars who study political conflict and violence.

- A reading list on human rights measures put together by Anita Gohdes.

- (Understanding what events are reported by the media - peer reviewed articles on media coverage of conflict events and media coverage of protest events. The source material for conflict events are usually newspapers and/or human rights reports. If you have access to the raw text you can use AntConc for at least a preliminary text analysis.)


- Political Violence at a Glance

- Mobilizing Ideas