Client Reviews

"______ has said that the English sessions have been really helpful. She says you are doing things that she never would have revised independently so, keep doing with you are doing!"

Molly, Parent | GCSE English (September 2018)

"I’m so thankful for you though!!! Last year I genuinely didn’t think I would even pass maths never mind get a 6!!!! It’s so crazy thank you so much I’m over the moon😁😁😁😁☺"

Sophie, Student | GCSE Maths (August 2018)

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your help tutoring ______ in Maths. She’s done extremely well in all her subjects and we are very proud but Maths was the one she wanted the 8 in the most and you helped her achieve it."

Joy and Jason, Parents | GCSE Maths (August 2018)

"I got a B in business, thank you for everything 😁"

Charlotte, Student | A Level Business Studies (August 2018)

"I GOT A 5 IN MATHS! I’m so overwhelmed and happy with all of my results but as soon as I saw the 5 I couldn’t stop crying. Knowing I’ll never have to factorise ever again is probably the best feeling ever! I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and how much you’ve helped me over the past 18 months. If it wasn’t for you I couldn’t have done this. If ever I doubted myself in maths you was there to reassure me every Thursday evening, thank you from the bottom of my heart!😁"

Macie, Student | GCSE Maths (August 2018)

"HEY LIV I GOT MY 8 IN MATHS!!! I'm so pleased with all my grades too but thank you so much for all your help & support😁😁😁"

Olivia, Student | GCSE Maths (August 2018)

"I heard you chatting with ____ in today's session. Thank you so much for all the support - not just professional but pastoral too. You have been with her during some incredibly tough times this past year and have boosted her spirits tremendously."

Jo, Parent | GCSE Maths (June 2018)

"I just want to say a massive thanks again for all the help you have given me throughout these past few months. I’ve seen a massive improvement in my maths because of you. I promise that tomorrow I will try my ultimate best to smash that test!"

Abigail, Student | GCSE Maths (June 2018)

“You are indeed a Godsend I have to give props for your dedication my daughter has gone from a little kitten to a lioness in her approach to Maths ...thank you!”

Richard, Parent | GCSE Maths Resit (June 2018)

“You are amazing Olivia! Thank you so much for your work with them, it really did make a difference! Thank you as always, you really do inspire!”

Samantha, Head of Sixth Form | Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls (May 2018)

“You my dear are an absolute superstar!! I'm really happy that they were so engaged that they wanted to see you again and actually asked for it. Thank you so much Olivia I really appreciate the work you are doing. It so beneficial for them ☺”

Kerry, Head of Year | John Willmott School (April 2018)

"I wouldn’t do tuition with anybody else! 👍🏾 UK NO1 MATHS TUTOR!! Can’t wait to getting back to doing tutoring with you again"

Kai, Student | Maths (March 2018)

"Thanks so much for all the support. ______ is really really enjoying herself with you, and finding it all extremely useful (we are really seeing a change in her and her confidence, which is brilliant)"

Stuart and Sarah, Parents | GCSE Maths (March 2018)

"The boys have both grown in confidence so much and I am thankful for your input. Keep doing what you're doing- it's great and so beneficial."

Sharleen, Parent | Maths (March 2018)

"Olivia is so understanding & patient. I have only had her for three weeks & I feel like I’m doing a lot better in Maths already."

Laura, Student | GCSE Maths (November 2017)

"My daughter appears to be gaining confidence in Maths - will be interesting to see how she goes with her next Maths assessment."

Lisa, Parent | Maths (October 2017)

"Has boosted my confidence with techniques and helped me to understand areas of Maths."

Abbey, Student | GCSE Maths (October 2017)

"Fantastic first lesson for my daughter _____. She came to see me after it had ended, saying: "Mom, you really don't understand how good that lesson was for me". She really enjoyed the lesson and Olivia is lovely."

Joy, Parent | GCSE Maths (September 2017)

"Olivia was an enthusiastic and lovely tutor. She really helped me with my Conversational Spanish by giving constructive criticism and providing me with alternative vocabulary. She even provided resources outside of the lesson in order to help me, which was extremely kind and showed that she was someone who really supported her students and was willing to do much more than the bare minimum."

Manvir, Student | A Level Spanish, King Edwards VI Grammar School (September 2017)

"Rating: 10/10 - Olivia has helped me feel more confident in certain areas of Maths that I have revisited with her, which in turn gave me better results for my mock exams. She's very helpful and doesn't rush the student - She is very patient, which is helpful for me, as I usually have trouble remembering methods."

Laila, Student | GCSE Maths (July 2017)

"Olivia has been wonderful in supporting my daughter in her Maths. Her enthusiasm for teaching and her bright personality helps to ensure that an hour and a half of Maths passes fairly easily. My daughter is definitely more relaxed in attempting difficult Maths homework and has done better than she expected in her mock GCSEs. Rating: 10/10"

Tracy, Parent | Maths (July 2017)

“Olivia has been tutoring my grand daughter in preparation for her mock GCSE's next month. We have found her to be a brilliant tutor who is very professional and also very patient.

Olivia tutors via Skype and this makes things so much more flexible for us. I would certainly recommend Olivia to other students as we began our search by selecting the tutors that my grand daughter would feel most comfortable with, and we definitely made the right choice in choosing Olivia.”

Michelle, Grandparent | GCSE Maths (June 2017)

“At HQ, we are still buzzing from the inspiration and insight, the passion and purpose. The students loved your presentation - you managed to absolutely increase the energy level in the room through a video! So huge kudos to you on that front!”

Krista, Director of Student Leadership | Students Offering Support, Canada (May 2017)

“My 10 year old daughter and myself are really pleased with Olivia’s sessions. She is always happy to help with a smile and has great teaching methods to help my daughter learn at her pace for her 11+ test and beyond. Thank you Olivia.”

Sharon, Parent | 11+ Eleven Plus Selection Test (May 2017)

"Rating: 10/10 - An amazing tutor. Very helpful and understanding couldn't of done it without her. Thank you."

Imogen, Student | (September 2017)

"I am very happy with how the sessions have planned out. Olivia is a friendly person, who caters to all children's individual needs. Rating: 10/10"

Sharon, Parent | (September 2017)

“Thank you for 3 amazing workshops. The students and parents were buzzing after your session. I think hearing from someone young like yourself from a similar background who is successful really inspired our students. A lot of what you covered in the workshop really resonated with both students and parents.

Your enthusiasm and sincerity was something we don't always witness from outside speakers. You really connected with our students. Thank you very much.

I look forward to working with you again.”

Zara, Staff | Ninestiles Academy Trust (June 2017)

“My class loved it! We really enjoyed the activity!

The conversations we had during and after (I kept pausing the video) were really rich and as a teacher I now feel like I know the children more as individuals. It was lovely to set a side time to talk about aspirations and the their futures!”

Joanne, Teacher | Sandringham Primary School, London (March 2017)

"Olivia is an inspirational and engaging speaker - confident and able to enthuse and encourage others to achieve their best.

I shared the platform with her at a recent 6th Form Conference. Her 'Mexico Insights', in particular, showed how tackling challenges positively can result in a real, personal transformation."

Alex | Pickering Associates Ltd. and Special Projects Adviser to the Goethe-Institut, London. (June 2017)

“Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for coming along to speak at the event yesterday.

As usual you were fantastic and a number of the students and teachers commented on how much they had enjoyed the ambassador session – you did a great job, inspiring the students and helping them to understand more about what it’s like to study for a language degree and the year abroad.”

Claire, Projects Coordinator | Routes into Languages West Midlands, Aston University (June 2017)

“Thank you very much for coming in. I’ve had some great feedback – I’ve spoken to all of the teachers who hosted you and they all said that their students were talking about the things you’d spoken about afterwards, that they were inspired and some genuinely interested in your industry.”

Kimberley, Assistant Headteacher | Light Hall School, Solihull (November 2016)

“I am truly amazed at the detail and focused way you have approached this task. It is rare to find a young person as dedicated as you are, giving of self to such a standard is truly truly rare.

You are going far hon, you have the skill and the right attitude that will take you where ever you visualise as being possible. Make that vision limitless and go get what belongs to you, I truly see big things ahead and I'm proud to be part of the early journey of such an awesome young leader.”

Joan , Director | Community Vision West Midlands CIC (August 2016)