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We are a private investigator in Charlotte, NC providing investigative services:

At Fragale Investigations, we understand it can feel exhilarating to perform a stakeout to try to get to the truth, but that can be dangerous and you won’t have the inconclusive proof you need to take legal action. Our private investigator services in Charlotte, North Carolina are the better alternative if you have a suspicion that you have a cheating spouse, that someone has made a false claim against your company, or that a child is being neglected. There are many types of investigation cases we can assist you with, including corporate investigations, such as background checks or workplace investigations.

Background Investigation

#1 Address history to locate people

#2 Criminal history which can be anything from a speeding ticket to DWI to assault and violent crimes. The next reason is for the DMV or

#3 Motor vehicle history, make, model and plates.

Some additional reasons to use or hire us to run a background check/background investigation are the following:

#4 Phone history

#5 Email history

#6 Possible employer

#7 Liens

#8 judgments

#9 evictions

#10 bankruptcy records

#11 possible relatives

#12 property foreclosures

#13 cities history