[Notice] Good Morning Privacy Policy Revision Announcement

Hello, this is the Good Morning team!

We would like to notify that the Good Morning Privacy Policy has been revised. The revised terms will be effective starting from December 4th, 2019.

1. Major Revisions

■ Third party provider for personal information added in relation to the opening of the Good Morning Fortune Service.

■ For more details, please refer to Settings > Terms of Service on the app.

2. Revision Enforcement Date

■ December 4th, 2019

3. Request for Withdrawal

■ If you do not agree with the revised Terms and Conditions, you can request for the withdrawal of your account.

We will continue to do our best to give you a rewarding seeding experience.

Thank you.

MyCreditChain provides a marketing/data platform that gives commercial value to personal information owned by individuals creating a trusted social network. GoodMorning's Gift Economy, called Seed Gifting is a global service with a unique feature that gives incentive to distribute seeds amongst users.

Fruits received within the GoodMorning app for activity can be exchanged into MCC tokens, gift cards that can be used to purchase goods from the Fruit Mall, games, healthcare, Star Friends Market, and more.

Social networking within the GoodMorning app can produce credit index and marketing influencing power. With these features, MyCreditChain is the foundation for creating mutual benefits between businesses and users.

As of 2019, MyCreditChain has created a vast network of users who can distribute their data in opportunity to operate in partnership with other businesses.

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