How To Troubleshoot The Epson Printer Shown Offline In Windows

Remember those times when you soft bytes is all set to print into hard copy and all of a sudden Epson printer offline error message is read by your printer. For those in need moments here’s a brief troubleshooting guide.

Few of the most common reasons for printer offline

Generally the Epson printer offline error message is read due to few of these following reasons

· If you have lost connection between the printer and your computer

· If there are any faults in the installation of printer driver software

· There has been any automatic modification in the printer driver software by auto updating

· If the printer spooler service is not working properly

· Pending print jobs jam

· If there are any error in Wi-Fi connectivity

The steps to troubleshoot

When you are about to troubleshoot Epson or brother printer offline error it is always best to start with some basic troubleshooting fixes

1. The basic check

To check the basic follow the given steps

· Check the USB cables

· Make sure they are firmly attached

· In case you are using a Bluetooth or network printer make sure that the printer is connected to the proper router

· Check if the internet connectivity e is working properly or not in case of wireless printers

· Make sure to use Ethernet cable for connecting printer with the router

· Don't forget to check the power supply

2. Change the printer offline status

Sometimes the HP printer showing offline error is attributed due to printer offline status. To change

· Launch the run dialogue box by pressing the windows button and R key from keyboard simultaneously

· Put the key in the control panel and press enter

· Go to devices and printers

· In a new window choose the option see what’s printing

· Go to the toolbar and click on the printer option

· Make sure that the use printer offline option isn’t ticked off

· In case the option does have a tick mark select to disable it

· Click on the printer option once again and now set that specific printer as your default printer

· Finally close the window and run a test print to see if the print status has been changed or not

3. Download and install the driver software

Sometimes there are corruption or deletion in the driver software of your printer. Then to resolve your Epson or brother printer keeps going offline issues download and reinstall your driver

· Go to the official website of Epson

· Once logged in to the official website look for the option to download the Epson printer drivers

· In the search bar enter your model name and your product number and locate the update for your device

· Click the download button to download the update on your system

The steps to reinstall the driver

· Now launch the run dialogue box by simultaneously holding down the R key and the windows button

· Enter key msc in run dialogue box and hit the enter button

· Go to devices and printers option from control panel

· Now right click on the printers button

· Next uninstall the printers driver from the popup menu

· Then again open the devices and printers option

· Right click on add a printer option

· In the next dialogue box select option add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer

· Now depending on your printer’s type add the driver to the windows

· Now restart your device to save the changes

4. Clear the queue

Clearing all the pending print jobs sometimes helps in resuming the printer’s functions. Here are the steps to follow

· From devices and printers option click on your designated printer

· Right click on it and click the submenu see what’s printing

· Click on cancel pending print jobs

· Now click on use printer online option

· For some print jobs you may need to restart the system once the pending list is cleared.

5. Offline error on Mac

Generally although the OS of windows and Mac varies but the steps to troubleshoot offline printer errors are almost same. In case you receive Epson printer offline Mac errors here are the steps to follow

· Disconnect the USB cables and tune of both the devices for around 10 seconds

· Reboot your MacBook and turn on your printer

· If the issues are not resolved you can reset the printing configuration for doing so

  1. Go to the list of printers
  2. Now right click on it
  3. Choose the option reset printing
  4. Confirm your action once the prompt screen box arises
  5. Now you will be asked to enter the administrator credentials.
  6. Normally the default username is username and the password is password
  7. And hit the ok button to continue
  8. Now wait patiently as the process completes and the list becomes completely empty
  9. Next add the printer once again.
  10. Now finally run a test print to check if the issue resolved or not

6. Printer paper jam error

One of the most common issue that pops up with printer is a paper jam error. To resolve your Epson or HP printer paper jamcheck and clear paper jam both of inside and outside the printer

· For clearing the paper jam inside remove the input and output trays and look for any jammed papers

· Also remove the automatic document feeder (ADF) cover for any torn piece of paper

· For clearing the paper jam inside of the printer you need to turn of the printer. And disconnect all the power cables

· Once disconnected remove the ink toner and cartridge access areas for clearing the paper jam

· Also remove and check inside the paper path cover

· Pull out the input tray and check for torn or fragmented pieces of paper

· In case your printer has bottom clean out door or read access door make sure to check them as well

· Once all jammed papers are removed reconnect the cables and run a test print

In case all above mentioned troubleshooting hacks fails call experts for advanced troubleshooting guidance.