ACTIVE LEARNING & ICT-ENHANCED LEARNING: m-learning & gamification

In this course we will discuss how to design gamified class activities and how to make use of mobile devices in class and outside class to activate students learning.

Active learning implies interactivity between the tools and resources and the learners, and also interaction between teachers and learners. This educational transformation lays on seeing the teaching and learning processes from a different perspective in which the learner is the centre and ICT is the medium.

In education gamification is an educational strategy to motivate students to learn by the application of gaming mechanics or video game designelements in learning environments. The goal can be achieved using digital tools and resources or in a more traditional way, but ICT can help us in the implementation of this innovative teaching strategy.

M-learning involves the use of mobile technology, either alone or in combination with other information and communication technology (ICT), to enable learning anytime and anywhere. Learning can unfold in a variety of ways: people can use mobile devices to access educational resources, connect with others, or create content, both inside and outside classrooms. (UNESCO 2013, p.6)