Gourmet Mixed d’Oeuvres 二人拼盘 £17.00

Seaweed 海草 £6.00

Special Spring Rolls (four) 春卷 £5.00

Vegetable Pancake Roll (five)蔬菜卷 £5.00

San Choi Po 生菜包 £5.00

Butterfly King Prawn 凤尾大虾 £6.00

Deep Fried Prawn Ball or Salt & Chilli Prawn 火乍虾丸或掓盐大虾 £7.00

Prawn Toast in Sesame Seeds 虾多士 £5.00

Chefs Crab Claws (two) 炸蟹钳 £7.00

Crispy King Prawn and Ham Roll 龙凤卷 £6.00

Barbecued Spare Ribs or Salt and Chili Ribs 京汁排骨汤或椒盐排骨 £7.00

Satay Chicken or Beef 沙爹鸡或沙爹牛 £7.00

Paper Prawn 纸包大虾 £6.50

Paper Chicken 纸包鸡 £6.50

Deep Fried Won Ton 炸云吞 £6.50

Fresh Mussel 豉汁青口(淡菜) £7.0

Crystal King Prawn 炸葱大虾 £6.50

Chicken Wing in Honey or Salt and Chili Wing 蜜汁鸡翅或椒盐鸡翅 £5.00

Steamed Scallop (two) 蒸带子(扇贝) £7.00

Grilled Garlic Mushroom 蒜蓉磨茹 £5.00

Fresh Melon 甜瓜 £5.00

Prawn Coctail 虾各(虾仁冷盘) £5.00

Dim Sum (please allow 20 Minutes) 点心 £4.00

(Dumpling in a Bamboo Basket)

Steamed Har Kau ( Prawn) 蒸虾饺

Steamed Siu Mai (Pork) 蒸烧卖

Steamed Beef Ball 蒸牛肉丸

Deep Fried Fun Kuo 炸粉果


Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup 粟米鸡汤 £3.50

Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Soup 粟米蟹肉汤 £4.50

Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣汤 £4.50

Won Ton Soup 云吞汤 £4.50

Seafood and Mixed Bean Curd Soup 海鲜豆腐汤 £5.00

West Lake Beef Soup 西湖牛肉 £4.00

Curried Beef and Rice Noodles Soup 咖喱牛肉米线汤 £4.00

Mongolian Mushroom Crispy Rice Soup (without any meat) 口水汤 £3.50

Chicken and Mushroom Soup 鸡肉磨茹汤 £3.50

Chicken and Noodles Soup 鸡肉面汤 £3.50

Mixed Vegetable and Bean Curd Soup 什菜豆腐汤 £3.50

Mushroom and Noodles Soup 磨茹面汤 £3.50


Grilled Lemon Chicken 柠檬鸡 £11.00

Grilled Orange Chicken 橙汁鸡 £11.00

Grilled Pineapple Chicken 菠萝鸡 £11.00

Grilled Chicken Creamy Sauce 芝士鸡 £11.00

Grilled Chicken Peking Style 窝贴鸡 £11.00

Kung Po Chicken 宫保鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken with Cashewnut 腰果鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce Cashewnut 酱爆鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 青椒豆豉鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken with Szechuan Style 川味鸡肉 £11.00

Braised Diced Chicken in Red Sauce 干烧鸡 £11.00

Chicken and Chinese Vegetable 时菜鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken with Mushroom, Garlic and Black Bean Sauce 磨茹豆豉鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken with Fresh Broccoli 西兰花鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken with Leeks in Spicy Sauce 韭葱鸡 £11.00

Diced Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱鸡 £11.00


Aromatic Crispy Duck香稣鸭 整只 £40.00 ½ £ 22.00 ¼ £14.00

(Delightly flavoured with different spices, deep fried to perfection, served with Chinese Pancake, Spring Onion, Cucumber and Savoury Sauce)

Barbecued Crispy Duck 烧鸭 £13.00

Barbecued Sliced Duck with Pineapple 菠萝鸭 £13.00

Barbecued Sliced Duck with Orange Sauce 橙汁鸭 £ 13.00

Barbecued Sliced Duck with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 青椒豆䜴鸭 £13.00

Barbecued Sliced with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱鸭 £13.00

Deep Fried Sweet and Sour Crispy Duck 咕咾鸭 £14.00

Barbecued Sliced Duck in House Combination 杂烩鸭 £15.00

Barbecued Sliced Duck with Garlic and Plum Sauce 梅子鸭 £13.00


Fillet Steak with Pepper and Garlic 香椒牛柳 £17.00

Grilled Fillet Steak (Chinese Style) 中式大牛排 £17.00

Filled Beef in Oyster Sauce 蚝油牛£11.00

Fillet Beef with Seasonal Vegetables 时菜牛 £11.00

Fillet Beef in Mandarin Sauce 京汁牛 £11.00

Fillet Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱牛 £11.00

Fillet Beef with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 青椒豆豉牛 £11.00

Fillet Beef with Leeks in Spicy Sauce 韭葱牛 £11.00

Fillet Beef with Mixed Vegetables 杂菜牛 £11.00

Shredded Fillet Beef in Pepper 干牛丝 £11.00

Barbecued Char Siu 叉烧 £11.00

(Chinese Roast Pork in Honey with Soy Sauce)

Filled Beef Szechuan Style 川式牛肉 £11.00

Kung Po Beef 宫保牛 £11.00

Fillet Beef with Mushroom, Garlic and Black Bean Sauce 蘑菇豆豉牛 £11.00

Fillet Beef with Fresh Broccoli 西兰花牛


Sliced Lamb with Pepper and Garlic Sauce 黑椒羊 £13.00

Sliced Lamb with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 青椒豆豉羊 £13.00

Sliced Lamb with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱羊 £13.00

Sliced Lamb Curry 咖喱羊 £12.00


Fresh Sea Bass or Salmon 三文鱼或鲈鱼 £17.00

Sautéed King Prawn with Cashewnut 腰果大虾 £13.00

Sautéed King Prawn with Straw Mushroom 草茹大虾 £13.00

Sautéed King Prawn with Vegetable in Oyster Sauce 蚝油大虾 £13.00

Grilled King Prawn with Cream Sauce 芝士大虾 £13.00

Grilled King Prawn with Peking Style 窝贴大虾 £13.00

Sautéed King Prawn Szechuan Style 川味大虾 £13.00

Braised King Prawn in Mandarin Sauce 京汁大虾 £13.00

King Prawn with Garlic and Soy 蒜蓉大虾 £13.00

King Prawn with Fresh Broccoli 西兰花大虾 £13.00

King Prawn with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 青椒豆豉大虾 £13.00

King Prawn with Leeks in Spicy Sauce 韭葱大虾 £13.00

Kung Po King Prawn (Sweet, Hot, Spicy) 宫保大虾 £13.00

Sautéed King Prawn and Ginger, Spring Onion 姜葱大虾 £13.00

Quick Fried Scallop with Crispy Prawn Roll 龙凤带子 £17.00

Scallop with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱带子 £16.00

Scallop with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁带子 £16.00

Scallop with Fresh Broccoli 西兰花带子 £16.00

Braised Squid 油爆鱿鱼 £13.00

Deep Fried Squid 咕咾鱿鱼 £13.00

Squid with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱鱿鱼 £13.00

Squid with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 青椒豆豉鱿鱼 £13.00

Grilled Sole, Peking Style 窝贴鱼 £13.00

(With Ginger, Garlic, and Wine Sauce)

Seafood Combination 海鲜杂烩 £16.00


Dofu Ma-Po Style and 麻婆豆腐 £12.00

(Bean Curd with Mixed Beef and Chili)

Stuffed Mushroom, Green Pepper, Aubergine 酿三宝(磨菇,青椒,茄子) £15.00

(Served with Mashed Prawns and Meat with Black Bean Sauce served on a Sizzling Hot Plate)

Aromatic Crispy Lamb 香稣羊 £15.00

(Served with Chinese Pancake, Spring Onions and Savoury Sauce)

House Combination 全家福大杂烩 £14.00

(Beef, Chicken, King Prawn and Vegetables)


Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉 £11.00

Sweet and Sour Chicken 咕咾鸡 £11.00

Sweet and Sour King Prawn 咕噜大虾 £13.00

Sweet and Sour Fish 咕咾鱼 £11.00

(With Melon extra £2.00)


Combination Curry 咖喱杂烩 £12.00

King Prawn Curry 咖喱大虾 £12.00

Beef Curry 咖喱牛 £10.50

Chicken Curry 咖喱鸡 £10.50


Various Meats with Onion, Green Pepper and Spicy Sauce Served on a Sizzling Hot Plate

Beef Satay 沙爹牛 £13.00

Chicken Satay 沙爹鸡 £13.00

King Prawn Satay 沙爹大虾 £14.00

Mixed Satay 杂烩沙爹 £14.00

(Chicken, Beef, King Prawn)

Lamb Satay 沙爹羊 £14.00

Seafood Satay 沙爹海鲜 £14.00

(King Prawn, Scallops, Cuttle Fish and Mussel)


Combination Fried Rice 招牌炒饭 £13.00

King Prawn Fried Rice 大虾炒饭 £13.00

Chicken Breast Fried Rice 鸡胸饭(配烧汁) £11.50

(with Gravy Sauce on top)

Yeung Chow Fried Rice 扬州炒饭 £11.50

Sliced ChIcken Fried Rice 鸡丝炒饭11.50


Combination Chow Mein 招牌炒面 £13.00

King Prawn Chow Mein 大虾炒面 £13.00

Chicken Chow Mein 鸡肉炒面 £12.50

Beef Chow Mein 牛肉炒面 £12.50

Singapore Rice Noodle 新加坡炒米粉 £12.50


Served with Chips and Vegetable

Grilled Fillet Steak 菲力牛排 £19.50

Grilled Sirloin Steak 西冷牛排 £19.50

Roast Breast of Chicken 烤鸡排 £11.00

Grilled Chicken Maryland 玛莉莲鸡扒 14.00

Various Salad 各类沙拉 £11.00

Various Omelettes 各类西式煎蛋 £11.00


Braised Mixed Vegetable in Red Sauce 干烧杂菜£7.00

Braised Mixed Vegetable Szechuan Style 川味杂菜 £7.00

Braised Mixed Vegetable with Garlic and Black Bean Sauce 鼓汁杂菜 £7.00

Braised Mixed Vegetable with Creamy Sauce 芝士杂菜 £7.00

Fried Mixed Vegetable with Satay Sauce 沙爹杂菜 £7.00

Mixed Vegetable Curry 杂菜咖喱 £7.00

Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein or Fried Rice杂菜炒面或杂菜炒饭 £7.00


Salt and Chilli Chicken Pieces in Light Butter 椒盐鸡粒 £11.00

Salt and Chilli Shredded Beef 掓盐牛丝 £11.00

Salt and Chilli King Prawn in Light Butter 椒盐大虾 £13.00

Salt and Chilli Squid Pieces in Light Butter 椒盐鱿鱼£13.00

Crispy Shredded Chicken 干鸡丝 £11.00

Chicken with Honey Sauce, Saseme Seeds and Chilli 蜜汁鸡粒 £11.00


Fried Plain Noodle 炒面 £4.00

Fried Rice 炒饭 £3.00

Boiled Rice 白饭 £3.00

French Fries 薯条 £3.00

French Fried Onion Rings 炸洋葱圈 £4.00

Curry Sauce 咖喱汁 £3.00

Sweet and Sour Sauce 咕咾汁 £3.00

Mushroom 蘑菇 £5.00

Beansprouts 豆芽 £5.00

Seasonal Chinese Vegetables 大白菜 £5.00

Pak Choi 小白菜 £6.50