How to activate Amazon prime video using Primevideo/mytv activation code?

Activation of Amazon prime video can be done by using the activation link as This link will give you access to Amazon prime video in the Australia on your device full stop you need to enter the 6-digit activation code at the activation page full stop for this you must also subscribe to Amazon prime video in the Australia. In this post, we will share the activation process of Amazon prime video in the Australia along with many other facts and figures.

Features of activation of Amazon prime video in the Australia

  • Users can access multiple language content on prime video.

  • Most of the devices including smart TV has Amazon prime video in the Australia.

  • You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription and it also changes your plan as per your convenience.

  • Users can activate the prime video by entering the activation code on a link only.

Steps to activate Amazon prime video using Primevideo/mytv activation code

Follow the steps or guide mentioned here to activate Amazon Prime Video on your device:

Step 1: go to your TV screen or device on which you want to watch the prime video and connected it with an internet connection.

Step 2: now switch on the device and go to the application store to download Amazon prime video app. If the app is already installed on your device then simply launch it.

Step 3: now you need to login into your Amazon prime video account by click on the sign-in button. If you don't have an account then create by using your computer and then proceed with the process.

Step 4: further you need to save the six-digit activation code for my TV code that appeared on the screen.

Step 5: Visit Amazon official website using a web browser at

Step 6: Log in to your Amazon Prime video account and enter the Amazon prime activation code in the box available on the screen.

Step 7: Click on the register button and follow instructions appearing on the screen.

Step 8: at this point, a success message will prompt on the screen which means your device is now ready to stream on Amazon prime video content in the Australia.

Reasons for common issues during the Amazon prime video activation process

  • The poor quality of internet connection can take you to the failure of activation.

  • If your device is not upgraded to access the application then you may fail in this activation process.

  • In case your device is corrupted by a virus you will not be able to access Amazon prime video.

  • Expired activation code can also be the reason for the failure of the Amazon prime video activation process.

  • Your device should be eligible to stream Amazon Prime Video. Here’s the list of eligible devices:

    1. Smart TV

    2. Apple TV

    3. Amazon Fire Stick

    4. Amazon Fire TV

    5. iOS-enabled devices

    6. Android supported devices

    7. Roku device

    8. Chromecast

    9. Streaming Media players

    10. Xbox one

    11. Xbox 360

    12. PlayStation

Now you know everything about the activation process of Amazon Prime Video. So, get an eligible device and enjoy watching all your Amazon Prime video shows or movies in the Australia as per your choice.