A more uplifting reflection

What is a PrimeMeTee?

In psychology, a "prime" is anything that triggers a thought in your mind, and these shirts are designed to remind you exactly who you are at just the right moment... when you see your own reflection.

PrimeMeTee.com diagram showing STRONG prime on the shirt and in the mirror

Join us in uplifting others!

The second best part of wearing a PrimeMeTee?... 10% of our affiliate commission proceeds from this year get donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Get (or give) the perfect reflection:

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3) Select the color and size (or give a gift card and let them pick)

PrimeMeTee Header - STRONG

Be reminded of the incredible strength within you. See all

Strong Shirt - PrimeMeTee
Strong Sweatshirt - PrimeMeTee
Strong Shirt - Abstract Graffiti - PrimeMeTee

"I bought the "STRONG" one. Perfect fit, good quality, and there's something about seeing it in the morning that seems to have a positive effect on the way the rest of the day goes!" - Katie C. - Baltimore, MD

PrimeMeTee Header - BREATHE

Your reflection is the perfect reminder to practice a moment of mindfulness and be one with your breath... See all

Breathe Shirt - Curly Characters - PrimeMeTee
Breathe Shirt - Wavy Characters - PrimeMeTee
Breath Shirt - Hand Characters - PrimeMeTee
Breath Shirt - Abstract Temple Characters - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Header - Awesome

Being awesome is a way of life, so let your reflection remind you that you're living it! See all

PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - AWESOME
Awesome Sweatshirt - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Sample - AWESOME
Awesome t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Header - SURVIVOR

Be reminded that every day is another triumph. See all

Brest Cancer Survivor t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
Survivor Veteran Military Shirt - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - SURVIVOR
PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - SURVIVOR
PrimeMeTee Header - I AM LOVED

Be reminded how truly loved you are! See all

I am Loved t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
Loved on red and pink shirts - Abstract Dots - PrimeMeTee
I am Loved shirt on grandma - coded characters - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Header - POWERFUL

Your shirt does not give you superpowers... its reflection reminds you that you already have them! See all

Powerful t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
Powerful t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
Powerful t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Header - PROUD

Who ever you are, remember to take pride in it! See all

PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - PROUD
Proud t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Header - BEAUTIFUL

Be reminded that your inner beauty shines through in every reflection. See all

PrimeMeTee Sample - Beautiful on Red Shirt
PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - BEAUTIFUL
Beautiful on shirt in abstract dots - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Header - BRAVE

Bravery is a choice – be reminded of the one you made! See all

PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - BRAVE
PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - BRAVE
Brave tank top - fire - PrimeMeTee
Brave sweatshirt - PrimeMeTee
PrimeMeTee Header - BE KIND

Be reminded you chose kindness as a way of life. See all

Be Kind t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
Be Kind t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
Be Kind t-shirt - PrimeMeTee
My happiness equation - Be Kind - girl holding up shirt.
PrimeMeTee Header - CREATIVE

You inspire with that creative spark -- so should your reflection! See all

PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - CREATIVE
PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - CREATIVE
PrimeMeTee Header - SEXY

Be reminded that sexy is a state of mind! See all

Sexy t-shirt - PrimeMeTee.com
PrimeMeTee.com Shirt Sample - SEXY
PrimeMeTee Header - ALOHA

Be reminded of the island sprit within you.

Be reminded to show yourself peace and love.

Namaste t-shirt - abstract temples - PrimeMeTee
Namaste t-shirt - abstract trees - PrimeMeTee
Namaste t-shirt - asian characters - PrimeMeTee
Namaste t-shirt - abstract lines - PrimeMeTee

Other PrimeMeTee designs include...

Water bottle that says "I AM THIRSTY"

Bonus Prime:


It's important to stay hydrated, so why not be reminded of how thirsty you actually are when you look at your water bottle? No mirror required!

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