Related events

December 12: JAIST Logic Workshop

  • Venue: I-56 (Collaboration Room 7) at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST).
  • Speakers: Thomas Ågotnes, Heinrich Wansing and Zach Weber.
  • Organizer: Satoshi Tojo.
  • Program:

10:30--12:00 Zach Weber "On the metatheory for paraconsistent truth" [abstract]

12:00--14:00 Lunch

14:00--15:30 Heinrich Wansing "Refutation as falsification" [abstract]

15:30--15:45 Coffee

15:45--17:15 Thomas Ågotnes "Resolving Distributed Knowledge" [abstract]

December 14: CAPE Seminar

  • Time: 18:15--19:45
  • Venue: Large conference room in the basement, Faculty of Letters Main Building, Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University. (No. 8 of this map)
  • Speaker: Filippo Casati
  • Title: Resurrecting the ‘Being and Time Project’
  • Abstract: In his ‘Ontological Pluralism and the Being and Time Project’, Denis McManus has convincingly argued that the philosophical project spelled out in Heidegger’s Being and Time faces an insurmountable difficulty. In my talk, I critically discuss McManus’ ideas. I claim that McManus is fundamentally right, even though his argument could be better off by appealing to some other textual evidences and to the recent debate about infinite regresses. Moreover, I argue that the so-called second Heidegger proposes a dialetheist solution to the problem discussed by McManus.

December 18: Kyoto Workshop on Self I

  • Time: 09:00--17:15
  • Venue: Meeting room on the 1st floor of Rakuyu Kaikan, Kyoto University. (Building number 96 of this map)
  • Speakers: Yasuo Deguchi, Denis McManus, Hibi Pendleton and Graham Priest.
  • Program:

09:00--10:30 Denis McManus "Authenticity, the Self and Self-expression: Three Heideggerian Models" [abstract]

10:30--10:45 Coffee

10:45--12:15 Hibi Pendleton "Ideals and Self-Clarification: Developing Iris Murdoch’s Concept of Vision" [abstract]

12:15--14:00 Lunch

14:00--15:30 Yasuo Deguchi "Self-as-We: From Entrustment of Somatic Agency to a Holistic Self" [abstract]

15:30--15:45 Coffee

15:45--17:15 Graham Priest "Fictional Objects Fictional Subjects" [abstract]