What's so bad about dialetheism?

From historical, logical and philosophical points of view


Time flies, and Graham Priest will turn 70 in November, 2018. Over the past 45 years (first paper was published in 1973!), becoming famous as a provocative iconoclast, Priest challenged the long standing philosophical orthodoxies by successfully defending what he himself calls the three heresies (cf. “Three heresies in Logic and Metaphysics”, Polish Journal of Philosophy, 7(2):9-20):

  1. dialtheism, namely some contradictions are true. (cf. “In Contradiction”, “Beyond the Limits of Thought”, “Doubt Truth to be a Liar”.)
  2. nonesim, namely some things do not exist. (cf. “Towards Non-being”)
  3. non-transitivity of (numerical) identity, namely the inference from a=b and b=c to a=c is not valid. (cf. “One”)

In December 2018, from the 15th to the 17th, at Kyoto University, Japan, there will be a conference in honor of Graham Priest’s 70th birthday to both celebrate and critically, but hopefully profitably, discuss Priest’s contribution to the field with a special focus on dialetheism.

Keynote speakers (in alphabetical order):


The conference is supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) through grants 16H03344 and 17K13317. The organizers would like to thank James Fyfe for offering his photos used in this website.