Price Action Chart

by Piyush Gupta

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About me & my trading journey

Dear fellow traders,

I am Piyush Gupta, IT professional who fell in love with trading 4.5 years back and has always been fascinated by charts. My trading journey is no different than any retailer who joined to earn money with little knowledge. But market soon enough educate all of us that without proper knowledge, there is no success in trading as well.

After I learnt that there is no shortcut or strategy for success, I started my own learning journey entirely based on price action. While most of us are fascinated by indicators, and try to apply 4-5 of them to find our winning edge but important price has trading can not be explained in words.

My philosophy is to keep your trading process very simple & free from indicators as price is paramount and simpler things are easier to master. Those who focus on risk management and taking right trades following any simple but repeated process, will come out as winner in this journey.

If you wish to join this journey with me & more than 500 trader community which I have, reach out to me by any of the below methods.


Piyush Gupta : 9717077198Telegram Channel : Id : @pa_analysis