Prevent Hair Loss

Finasteride. Hair growth agent, and prostate treatment

Hair growth agent Finasteride is prescribed as against prostate enlargement and hair growth. It is a so-called anti-androgen. Anti-androgens inhibit the production of testosterone. In addition to positive side effects such as an increase in hair growth in baldness and a favorable influence on the flow of urine in prostate enlargement, there are also adverse side effects to this drug.

A hair growth agent is a means of which the hair will grow. Nowadays this really exists. Finasteride helps if men have an enlarged prostate and as a result can not urinate well. But it also has hair growth in balding men as an extra effect . (In lower dosage). This means that hair will grow again in bare spots on the head. The drug inhibits the production of the sex hormone testosterone. If men have too large a prostate, complaints such as difficulty urinating, dribbling and often small peeing can occur. It is also known as a so-called hair growth product under the name Propecia

Finasteride for prostate complaints

Enlarged prostate can already occur from the age of 30. It does not happen that often before that time. Finasteride ensures that the urine flows better again with a prostate enlargement. In a dosage of 5mg it has a favorable effect on a too large prostate, in a dose of only 1 mg it has a beneficial effect on hair growth in men.

Finasteride for hair growth

Finasteride is also prescribed by doctors for baldness to promote hair growth. The dosage is then 1mg, for example available under the name Propecia. The drug can also be bought online, but that is not recommended by general practitioners. It is better to use this medicine only in consultation with your own doctor.

Means against hair loss. Propecia

For male pattern baldness, especially at an early stage, Propecia is often given. Propecia contains about 1 mg of Finasteride. The dosage is therefore higher in the case of propane complaints, namely 5 mg. Then available under the name Finasteride. The operation is then different. The production of dihydrotestosterone is strongly inhibited by Finasteride, which reduces the size of the prostate. Propecia gives the hair a chance to grow again, often with good results.

Prevent Hair Loss

Prostate enlargement phenomena

The prostate is at the bottom of the bladder, where the urethra comes out. The bladder is a sphere and at the bottom (like a balloon) there is an exit at the bladder, the urethra. The middle lobe of the prostate can swell under the influence of hormone exchange and pushes itself up, causing the discharge tube of the bladder to be pinched. The consequence or the symptoms of a prostate enlargement can be:

  • drip
  • difficulty emptying the bladder
  • have trouble to discharge the urine (beam does not start)
  • always feel pressure to urinate
  • Prostate enlargement is a old age complaint that is common in men.

Finasteride, how does it work?

Dihydro-testosterone stimulates the prostate to grow. Dihydro-testosterone is a hormone. Finasteride has an inhibiting effect on the production of dihydro-testosterone from testosterone. If the prostate is too large, Finasteride ensures that the prostate becomes smaller again. As a result, the symptoms of urination decrease again. The urethra is no longer pinched and urine can flow better again. It takes a few months before Finasteride has the best effect. In order to treat a prostate enlargement, an alpha blocker is often prescribed first, because these work faster on the flow of urine. If alphablockers do not help enough, a doctor often chooses Finasteride.

Prevent Hair Loss
Prevent Hair Loss

Finasteride as a hair growth stimulant

Because hormones, which are responsible for the head of men becoming bald, are inhibited, the hair can start to grow again with the use of Propecia. Finasteride thus has the effect of a hair growth agent in men in low doses.

Treating baldness

Baldness occurs because the hormone dihydro-testosterone weakens the hair follicles. Less hair is produced and the hair falls out. Propecia (Finasteride in low dosage) ensures that the hormone dihydro-testosterone can no longer inhibit the action of hair follicles, causing her to grow again in bald spots on the head. Especially at the crown, the effect can be very good. The hair is getting denser so that less scalp can be seen. With one man this has more effect than with the other.

Side effects Finasteride

Side effects that may occur with the use of this product may be: painful sensation in the testicles or chest, less sense in lovemaking, painful breasts or breast formation. In severe cases, chest tightness or a flushed face can occur. The risk of breast cancer can also increase. Always tell your doctor that you are using Finasteride.