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The American Chemical Society is the world’s largest society for chemistry professionals.

Welcoming students, teachers, and professionals that love chemistry.

CAZACS is the Central Arizona local section of the American Chemical Society

We provide a local network of professionals and students affiliated with the ACS based in the central and northern region of Arizona, including Maricopa, Gila, Coconino, and Yavapai counties. We include the Phoenix metro area, Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, and Page.

Live Session Schedule!

Periodic Table Bingo Game
Monday, April 12 @ 2pm via Zoom
Play along in this chemistry twist on an old favorite with a chance to win some prizes!

Periodic Table Bingo Game
Wednesday, April 14 @ 2pm via Zoom
Play along in this chemistry twist on an old favorite with a chance to win some prizes!

Superhero Chemistry Panel Discussion
Friday, April 16 @ 1-2pm
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ERACS Scitech Lego Demo.mp4

What can LEGOs teach me about chemistry?

Download this activity
and then follow-along in our video!

Have a sneak-peek
at these activities from this years
Chemists Celebrate Earth Week!

Prescott MRBC.mp4

Go behind the scenes to learn
science of fermentation
Mother Road Brewing Company!

Slime at Home - SciTech 2021.mp4

Follow-along with Dr. Kitzmiller and her nieces and make Slime at home!

Marvelous Oxygen and Hemoglobin

Learn about Marvelous Oxygen and its Sidekick Hemoglobin in this graphic storybook!

Plus more cool stuff from our friends who love science!

Play with factors that impact viral spread in cities with this simulation game!

Thanks to Arizona Board of Regents / ASU Ask A Biologist for producing this game.

Learn about acids and bases with this kitchen chemistry activity you can try at home!

Thanks to the Arizona Museum of Natural History for hosting this video.

Register for the free, virtual
ACS Kids Zone Earth Day 2021

Featuring an activity led by our own
CAZACS member and STEM Enthusiast, Dr. T!

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