Preparing Items for Storage

When you prepare for moving to the new home, you need to prepare your items first. This preparation involves properly packing and securing the items. Now, you are most likely to put all of these items in two categories. First category involves those items which you are going to move to the new home. the second one involves the items which you are not yet ready to take to the home but you cannot just don’t want to neglect those items. Those items, which you are not ready to take to the new home at the moment, need a place to sit until you make arrangements for them. So, you can go for the storage company.

Good news is that established movers can offer you the storage facility for which you may have to pay some extra bucks but it is not going to put huge financial burden on you. Plus, those items are going to remain safe and secure in a clean and well-maintained storage facility. However, you have to make sure that you have prepared your items well. Here are some ways you can prepare your items for storage.


Surfaces of items get scratches usually when dust on those items left sitting. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have removed dust from the surfaces of furniture items and food remnants from the kitchen appliances before packing. Additionally, you can use moving pads and blankets to secure the items in better way.


There are certain fragile items which can break if not packed appropriately. Such breakable items need to be packed well using plenty of packing paper and/or bubble wrap. For packing, use boxes of appropriate sizes and make sure that boxes are completely filled. Loose packing due to lack of packing supplies can result in breakage.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew develop due to moisture. Therefore, drying every appliance before moving is the great way to avoid this bad happening. You can use air dryer to dry up the moisture in the appliance at least a couple of days prior to moving day.


Although the storage warehouses are kept clean and dry, there is always the chance of humidity to rise in the vault. So, if your items are not appropriately packed and there is a bit of moisture left with the, the rust may develop. Besides drying up your items, you can pour a few drops of oil on the item and spread that oil across the surface in order to avoid rust.