We help active adults and athletes enhance their participation in recreation and sports with less dependency on medication and medial procedures, in fewer visits.

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How Can Premier Mobile Therapy Help Me?

We will Find the Cause of your problem by asking questions and providing the time to actually listen to you. Next, a thorough examination is performed to find the root of your problem.

Correct the identified issues with a combination of education, hands on care, custom exercise, and use of specialty tools to reduce pain, muscle, joint or tissue imbalances.

Reinforce newly acquired movements through strength training, practice drills, Balance and stability training to prevent problems from coming right back.

Return to activity with confidence! We prepare our clients with custom on-line exercise programs and follow- up wellness visits to keep you going strong!

Premier Mobile Therapy Has Options for You!

We believe that your time is valuable. We make caring for your health more convenient by fitting your lifestyle. We offer a full service experience including mobile services, virtual treatments, telephone support, and on-line resources.

At Home

In Office

At the Gym

*Participate in outdoor activity to enjoy more time with (grand)children!

*Lessen pain to initiate walking or exercise program with confidence!

*Hit new personal weight training records!

*Work more efficiently and have more energy during and after work!

*Enjoy travel without constantly looking for the next restroom or rest break!

*Return to golf, finish a round or hit the ball further!

Don't Put your active life on hold any longer!

Call or Message to find out how we can help you!