Pregnancy and back-How is it related?

Starting a family is a beautiful thing and ought to be commended, so congrats in case you're pregnant and reading this. Loads of changes are going on, some with great symptoms like your more radiant looking skin and stronger hair and some side effects like tiredness, morning sickness and lower back pain.

Being a chiropractor, I will focus principally on lower back pain. Not every woman will have to deal with lower back pain, however you will probably endure it if you have had back pain beforehand or had PGP (pelvic girdle pain) during a previous pregnancy.

So the question going through your mind is likely, do I need to live with it? Is there something that can help me?

Well the appropriate response is, no you don't need to live with it and yes there are numerous things that can help ease pregnancy related back pain.

What causes back pain during pregnancy and how would a chiropractic be able to help me?

There are 3 joints inside the pelvis, 2 sacroiliac joints at the back and 1 pubic symphysis joint at the front. To enable you to give birth, these joints get loose so they can move more. Incredible for the baby, not all that good for the mother. These additional developments can add to the back pain.

As your infant develops, you develop as well. This leads to a change in your posture that is unavoidable for most pregnant ladies. Posture is so imperative, it helps keep your spine and pelvis moving the most ideal way that it can. With the expanding weight and size of your bump, the more your lower back will curve inwards, this puts overabundance weight on your spinal joints that can prompt uneasiness and pain.

Chiropractic can help alleviate pain by helping joints move as well as can be expected and by releasing built up tension and pressure with-in the joints and surrounding muscles. The best thing to do is have a consultation with your chiropractor, so that the best method of care can be determined for you.

What happens after I give birth?

For some ladies, particularly if it's your first pregnancy and have had no past history of lower back pain there can be next to zero pain not long after in the wake of having your baby (natural or C-section) in any case it doesn't imply that you joints are back to moving how they ought to be so it's extremely vital to have a checkup with your chiropractic subsequent to conceiving, regardless of whether you back pain any longer or not. Sometimes this can lead to more problems and worse pregnancy related pain.