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Predictive Advertising and the Reasons You Should Go For It

There has been a lot of talking lately about predictive advertising in the online world. Good news is that technology allows us to go with the predictive advertising. Here, you may wonder what this kind of marketing is. Below is a brief discussion about this topic for a little elaboration.

What is predictive advertising?

Predictive advertising is the way of marketing your products and services based on the data which you would get using predictive analysis. When we talk about using it under the umbrella of digital marketing, we mainly talk about applying artificial intelligence and statistical algorithms on consumer data in order to identify future events from the perspective of marketing requirements.

One thing worth mentioning here is that this concept is not the new one. This way of marketing had been working even before the internet was introduced to the world. However, this concept is now easily applicable in the current scenario thanks to the advancement in search technology which has now got sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence on the back end.

While this concept can certainly help SEOs to mend their marketing strategies, it provides crucial help to people related to PPC advertising because they mainly require making investments in order to get their ads propagated. With this marketing strategy, it has now become easier for marketers to identify new customers and target them using relevant advertising.

Now, it may be worth discussing the reasons why you would need predictive marketing to succeed in your marketing efforts.

Big data can be complicated

Although you may want a wider and larger audience to be addressed through your marketing announcement, it can turn out to be pretty complicated, time consuming and costly method. You will have to put a lot of resources in line if you are not processing big data in order to use it for targeted marketing.

Predictive marketing essentially involves predictive analysis through which usable portion from big data is extracted. Marketing based on this refined data can help you get your product marketed among an audience which would respond to your call.

It is an intelligent marketing

Predictive marketing in this age mainly involves artificial intelligence. It means that your marketing strategy can observe behaviors in the targeted market. Based on this observation, you can modify your marketing approach.


One amazing feature of predictive marketing is that it allows you to anticipate events in the market. Digital marketing had been characterized with remarketing in the past. People used to make changes in the marketing strategies after deploying marketing strategies. Thus, people would need extra resources in order to endure possible failures in the first attempt in order to know about the things which could work in the second attempt.

Predictive marketing allows you to predict market events. It is so effective that it can even help in predicting the micro-events.

Importance of User Engagement for SEO

User engagement has always been a key to success in SEO. The reason is that you need to searchers coming to your website. If they are not coming to your website, you will see drop in ranking. Having that said, it is worth mentioning here that the main goal of search engines to provide best answers to the searchers. It means that search engines would prefer ranking a website which can provide best answers to the searchers.

What is user engagement?

User engagement is referred to as the user’s activity to stay on your website or web page rather than exiting immediately. You can use Google analytics to keep an eye on the user engagement metrics in order to know about performance of your website or web pages.

First, you can look at the pageviews. Google analytics lets you know about the number of views each of your pages has received over particular period of time. Then, you can look into the top content. With the help of Google analytics, you can easily look at the content the users have been engaging with over certain period of time. Thirdly, you can look at the pie graph about the new vs. returning visitors. A good number of people visiting your site as well as the ones returning to your site are the signs that your content is an interesting read. You also need to look at the bounce. The higher the bounce rate, the poor the quality of content is going to be. And finally, you need to look at the conversions. For this purpose, you can look at the micro-conversions to have a look at different elements involved in the conversion process.

Increasing user engagement

Now, we will discuss some ways to increase user engagement.

  • First, you have to make sure that your website is responsive. Slow websites are considered unresponsive because users do not want to wait for the websites to load. Therefore, you have to make sure that your website is faster when it comes to loading.
  • It is quite important to remove technical SEO errors from the website. You need to make sure that your website or webpage doesn’t return a 404-error when its link is clicked. Even if your website appears in the top of the search results, a technical SEO error would force the searcher to look for other options.
  • Sticking to one from of content is not the nicest of ideas if you are concerned about the user engagement. You will need to use different forms of content, i.e. text, images and videos to make the content interesting for your viewers.
  • Make sure that the site navigation and site design are not confusing for the viewers. While you have worked hard to keep things simple and easy, you will not be able to judge it by yourself. The best way to check it out is to ask any random person to play with the navigation of your website. If they find the task struggling, you need to work to make things easy.
  • Introduce a site search option to make it easy for the viewers to search anything within your site.