We are the Los Angeles branch of the Precious Plastic world wide open source DIY project started by inventor Dave Hakkens to put the power of recycling plastic in the hands of individuals and communities.

We bring together people in Los Angeles interested in solving the plastic pollution problem through community recycling and creating products with recycled plastics. We believe that the city of Los Angeles and the trends established here can give the process of recycling the Hollywood makeover it deserves.

We are a registered 501c3 and are looking for people who want to help grow our network of people dedicated to saving the world from pollution especially single use plastics.

Our world is overflowing in plastic and we need to find good ways to 'Take Plastic Out of Circulation' We seek to help to grow the community of Precious Plastic workspaces in the Los Angeles area and help people get started doing their own DIY recycling.

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Upcoming Events

Precious Plastic LA Demo Day

Wednesday, October 23 6-8PMish

Location: Richard Wilks Studio at The Brewery in Boyle Heights

More details to follow soon...

Email us a with your event ideas or to schedule a visit.

Past Events

How to Recycle Plastics and Turn Trash Into Treasures Worksop at Touch for Good - September 1, 2019, Santa Monica

Precious Plastic Monthly Open House - February 24, 2019 - at Richard Wilks Workshop at , 672 South Avenue 21 - Studio 6 - Los Angeles CA 90031. Event pages on Eventbrite or Facebook

The Brewery Art Walk, Los Angeles, CA - October 13-14 11AM-6PM both days: Precious Plastic LA at Richard Wilks Workshop at , 672 South Avenue 21 - Studio 6 - Los Angeles CA 90031

Ohana Festival, Dana Point, CA - September 28-30 - Precious Plastic LA live recycling demonstrations

Precious Plastic LA Demo Day August 11, 2019 at Big Art Labs. Event Page

Adidas Run for the Oceans various 2018 dates in Pacific Palisades, Brooklyn, Toronto

Precious Plastic LA live recycling demonstrations at Lightning in a Bottle, May 24, 2018. Event Page

Precious Plastic LA Demo Day May 20, 2018 in DTLA Arts District @ Container Cafe across from LACI. Event Page

Adidas/Parley for the Oceans 747 Warehouse St Event, Los Angeles, CA Feb 2018

Our First Event: Building a Community of DIY Plastic Recycling & Making in LA with guest speakers Made Out of What and BioPlastic Recycling and Jan 19, 2018. Event Page

That time that Dave Hakkens stopped by our Workspace!!!!


To empower individuals, schools, communities, and nations with the knowledge and technology to solve the worldwide plastic pollution problem.


A world where petroleum-based and harmful plastics, especially single-use, are phased out and replaced with smarter, natural, and sustainable materials or circular economies built on reusables or recyclables with recycling rates close to 100% (not the meager 9% that plastics are currently recycled).


  • Recycling existing plastic in efficient and environmentally friendly ways
  • Explore the potential of plastics derived from plant and fungi polymers
  • Work with conscious businesses to improve their current practices and pollution habits
  • Help governments make more educated decisions when it comes to waste management
  • Transition people towards bioplastics, circular economies, zero-waste lifestyles, permaculture principles/sustainable living practices
  • Help the City of Los Angeles reach it's goal of becoming a circular economy by 2050


We hope to see that plastics derived from fossil fuels that are destroying our world will be going the way of the dinosaur. Our mission is to simultaneously transition people to a zero-waste and circular economy mindset whilst collecting and recycling the estimated 91% of plastic that has been thrown away. We see this as a wasted resource and the answer to more plastic production and pollution entering our world. Although new plastic is on the rise with an estimated $180 Billion dollar investment this year; we also see China closing it's doors to foreign waste.

There is monumental potential for growth in the domestic recycling trade. Right now about 60% of items thrown in blue bins are actually sent to a landfill. This is a waste of a resource that we interact with everyday as well as the petroleum that is used in the transportation of the goods, the energy it takes to operate the facility, and the time of the people involved in the system to do so.

One day, 100 years from now or 1000 years from now plastic will still be here. In what amounts is up to the people of today. The decisions of how that plastic is used and distributed also is up to the people of TODAY. Now, if you could see the world as we see it, in the future, in the positive light of waking up to the solutions to plastic pollution, phasing out single use items, reclaiming and upcycling it into more useful and durable items, creating a fair market price for a material that EVERYONE comes to understand the composition of and how to manipulate it, THEN- would that be something you would want to invest time, resources, and money into?

We think so.

Learn how you can join us today.

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We love to hear about new Precious Plastic workspaces getting set-up in Los Angeles. Here is a list of the ones we currently know are in operation or development: