Pre-Spiceworld Mixer!

Before the conference even begins. Spiceheads are arriving early. This is a reboot of the infamous mixer that started it all. In the begining, we found out that that Spiceheads are "outgoing?" And so a legend was born. It started As Citizen X's Spicy Pre Party. X was bored and wanted to see the same people he met the year before. It was a way for those in town early to get out and socialize instead of hiding in their hotel rooms.

50 or Spiceheads made the pilgramiage to a local watering hole. Not knowing each other, we stood around till someone said "Is this the party?!" And the rest is history. Its was an epic night, setting the tone of Spiceworld as a conference of legend! This eventually go moved to Monday night. But X and fellow Spiceheads are not one to let a tradition die so easily.

In 2019 we bring back the Pre-Party that started it all.

Who: All Spiceheads Welcome!

What: A roof top patio bar and Spiceheads.

Where: Handlebar - Where it all began.

121 E 5th St, Austin, TX

When: Sunday Night 7pm till 2am

Tell your fellow Spiceheads where your going.