PRC Mixed Masters

Welcome to the Pocock Rowing Center Mixed Masters site.

The PRC Mixed Masters rows out of the Pocock Rowing Center and is a great group of fun-loving, competitive rowers seeking to grow in both sweep and sculling disciplines.

Practices are:

  • Mondays - 6:30-8:15pm
  • Wednesdays - 6:30-8:15pm
  • Saturdays - 8:00-10:00am


To email the entire team, send an email to:

Click here access to the GoogleSheet to record your upcoming attendance

RSVP Policies:

  • If you are signed up and show up late (5+ minutes, without texting Sarah/Chasen), you will be the first to have to stay on land and erg, if our numbers necessitate that.
  • If you show up but you weren't RSVPd, you will be the first to have to stay on land and erg, if our numbers necessitate that.
  • If you are signed up and don't show up (and don't text Sarah/Chasen), you'll be bumped up in the coxing order.



About half-way through each month on a Monday, all are invited to socialize after practice for drinks and dinner: It's the MMT Mid-Month Monday Margarita Mayhem! The location varies but will be within walking distance from the boathouse. Check the calendar or RSVP GoogleSheet for the specific date.

Pizza Night @Sebi's

On the last Wednesday of each month, we walk across the street to Sebi's for pizza and beer. Check the calendar or RSVP GoogleSheet for the specific date.

Saturday Coffee

Each Saturday after practice, an informal group of folks walk down to Le Fournil Ltd. for coffee and pastries.

MMT Contacts:

Questions about joining the MMT? Please reach out to Chasen or Sarah:

MMT Coach: Chasen Cunitz -; 248-417-0297

MMT Assistant Coach: Stu Sloan -

MMT Assistant Coach: Charlie Inman -

MMT Captain: Sarah Craft -; 610-716-1646

PRC Mixed Masters - Calendar of Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for practice?

Add your name to the PRC Evening Masters Google Sheet and indicate your rowing preference --- S (Starboard), P (Port), B (Both), sc (scull) --- for the days you can attend. Please fill in your availability before 4pm for Monday/Wednesday practice and by 6pm Friday for Saturday practice.

Q: Does MMT have dedicated coxswains? Will I have to cox?

A: At this time, MMT does not have a dedicated coxswain. If you know someone or you might be interested, please reach out to Sarah, and we'll get you/them on the water ASAP! To accommodate our practices, rowers take turns in the coxswain seat, with each rower having the responsibility to cox once every couple of months.

Q: I don't know how to cox. Is that a problem?

A: We've got you covered. We'll make sure your virgin voyage goes smoothly and safely. Before you go out, though, please familiarize yourself with these resources:

Coxing 101 [pdf]

Portage Lake's "Learn to Cox" video series

Q: How can I learn more about other opportunities at Pocock Rowing Center?

A: Please visit Pocock's website:

Q: How do I get a Pocock rowing uniform?

Uniforms are available through an online JL store several times a year. Visit Pocock's Masters Resource page to see if the store is open. You'll also find information about U.S. Rowing membership, volunteer requirements, and all required forms on that page.

Q: I'm going to be racing. How do I get into a stakeboat?

Please watch this video to learn about stake boat starts: Pay special attention to the 1:55 mark where rowers are sculling the bow around to get pointed properly.

In an 8+ this will mean either 2 seat grabs bow’s oar or 3 seat grabs 2 seat’s oar. They will then make small motions to turn the bow so as not to pull the stern out of the stake boat holder’s hands. In a 4x, bow seat will need to come all the way up to the catch and make small strokes, with their blade close to the shell, in order to move the bow around to center.


Mixed Masters Team (MMT)

The Mixed Masters Team is a competitive group of adult men and women, from their early-20s and up. Rowers should have at least a season of consistent rowing experience, including some racing experience, or coach’s permission. The team focuses on improving fitness and technique with the intent to compete successfully at regattas. The team both sweeps and sculls and all rowers should be able in both disciplines (or the willingness to develop that proficiency) to able to comfortably row a 2x or 4x in calm water.

General expectations: a base level of fitness and technical competency, 1-2 additional workouts per week, a desire to compete at races, occasional erg testing, regular practice attendance, and the desire and willingness to improve, including coach-ability.