PraxEco offers three main services. Please click on the titles for more information about the service.

  • Open Value Network Creation
  • Permaculture Design
  • Measuring Ecological Impact: Social, environmental, and economic.
  • Sustainable Multi-Disciplinary Design Consultation
  • Life coaching - Positive Psychology
  • Systems Design - Systems thinking

We offer consulting for multi-disciplinary sustainability considerations. We are passionate about ensuring that your project or product is on the road towards self-sufficiency and is ethically considerate. To book a consultancy appointment, click here!

  1. Precious Plastic products: Shredder, Extruder, Injection molding, Compression
  2. Plastic Recycling Robotic Arm
  3. Methane Composter
  4. The Compost Professor
  5. Wi-Pot: Recycled Self-watering Window Pot
  6. EcoPot: Indoor zero-waste growing closets

Click here to learn more about our products. To suggest a new sustainable product or project, contribute to an existing project, or validate the sustainability of your project/product, contact us now.

  • Zero-waste: How to live zero waste?
  • Sustainable Living: How to influence small changes, one step at a time.
  • Self-Sustainability: Thinking systematically & long-term.
  • Literature Review: Secrets behind successful research & product development.
  • Permaculture Design
  • Psychotherapy: A review of the most common practices & how to apply it to oneself.
  • Soil Ecology: The food-web activity.
  • Introduction to Programming & Design Optimization.
  • Music: Conception to production, grant writing, & fund-sourcing.

We organize social events for people of different backgrounds to interact and engage in diverse workshops that encourage thinking independently together. Click on the title to learn more.

Do you have a service that follows our ethics and could help us reach our goal of self-sustainability? Do you have expertise that could improve our services? Let us collaborate!