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Project Summary

Sustainable projects at PraxEco adapt together like a web between diverse industries ensuring high efficiency and low cost. Our projects fall into threecategories:

  • Eliminate waste: Waste is not waste until it becomes useless’s wasted. Waste does not exist in nature; the output of one system is the input of another. Following that concept, we are building open source machines that recycle plastic, compost food scraps, and turn any other form of “waste” to heat, compost, and stored methane gas that can be used as an energy source. In the future, we plan to start projects to recycle and reuse metal and concrete.
  • Optimize consumption: The biggest and most important consumption need is, with no doubt, food. We like to imagine a future where fresh, local, biodynamic, high-quality organic produce is available, in abundance, for whoever needs it. For that, we chose to start our journey towards self-sustainable consumption with Project A: Agriculture. From plastic recycled window pots, to autonomous zero-waste closet gardens, to community greenhouses Using as much growing area as possible to grow a community’s local production of food, fibers (clothes), medicine, tools…
  • Collective-Self-Empowerment: This category focuses on creating activities and workshops that brings back sustainable knowledge (and power). This allows individuals to learn, teach, reflect, practice and work independently and together. Collective-Self-Empowerment series are aimed to empower self-reflection, communal engagement and collaborative entrepreneurship.

Within our web of interconnected projects, we are live in three projects: Project A, Transition Economy, and PraxEco App. Project A targets optimizing our nutritional consumption, the Transition Economy projects aims to define a regenerative communal culture. It is a permaculture-inspired approach of the collaborative peer to peer economy. In addition, we are building the PraxEco App to facilitate the participation, coordination, comprehension and adaptability of the new economy by users worldwide.

Nonetheless, we are active in many other projects and are currently looking for new members to take lead and/or contribute further. One is tailored towards self-sufficient housing, another for improving the efficiency and safety of the Transportation industry, and the last is in Sustainable Fashion.

Check out our Strategy presentation below to know more info about the PraxEco movement! For the list of Products that we offer, visit this page.

Interested in leading/contributing with PraxEco? Contact us now, let's talk!

Strategy Presentation