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Every single individual has unique gifts to share, unique passions to follow, and unique weaknesses to strengthen. Imagine a network of part-time mentors, dedicating roughly 2 hours of their time every week to share their knowledge in certain expertise to people who need it. All members (and mentors) of that network share a mutual goal: To bring prosperity to all, one baby step at a time. Two hours per week may not sound like much, but let’s not forget that each one of us have our own life with unique constraints. Through contributing at least 2 hours a week, members may pursue their normal lives: have a full-time job, practice their frequent hobbies, tend to their families… Our main principle with the PraxEco project is to derive (and deliver) value out of perseverance. PraxEco stands for Praxis Ecology - the regenerative repetitive actions that empowers relationships and interactions between organisms and their environment.

Though this project idea may seem utopic, it is addressing the urgent environmental needs through bridging it with another urgent need: Unemployment due to social constraints in Canada. Those social constraints apply to new immigrants, new graduates (or students), and mentally or physically challenged individuals.


PraxEco is a harmonic network fueled by collective empowerment and motivation to innovate solutions in various domains tailored towards self-sufficiency. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life while significantly reducing the cost of living and nurturing a deeper sense of connection.


PraxEco is an open-source collaborative value network that provides its members with the resources - financial and human-skills - to fund and support innovative ideas that have positive outcomes on the future of our societies. Network members are seen as mentors in their unique field of expertise. They are given the chance to foster their expertise, follow their interests, and have access to other experts in the multi-diverse network. In addition to the strategic web of multi-disciplinary projects and products, members with own projects that follow our values could receive funding from the community. The profit resulting from the success of sponsored projects is distributed between the community members, its bank (future projects), and the resource-investors that made it possible in an ethical Activity-based concept. The goal of this collaboration is to achieve a level of diversity - in form of participants’ qualifications, skills, talents, background and interests - for the community to self-sustain with an abundance of resources. The result is a modern harmonic culture.

Recommended Read: Life’s economy is primarily based on collaborative rather than competitive advantage. - Daniel Christian Wahl


Transparent. Integrity, trust, communication... All our information is shared with the public. We believe in a collaborative future.

Adaptable. Regenerative, sustainable, up-gradable, modifiable, flexible, systematically considerate.

Simple. Efficient, effective, comprehensible, naturally smart and fact-based.

"If we really wish to put an end to our ongoing international and social problems we must eventually declare Earth and all of its resources as the common heritage of all the world's [people.]" - Jacque Fresco, The Venus Project

"...inhabitants and biodiversity." - PraxEco Network

Note: The word "people" is striked because we believe the quote is incomplete. We believe that Earth's resources are not only property of humans, but also common heritage of its species and biodiversity.

The Logo

  • The leaf: represents mother nature, the parent of all ecosystems.
  • The digital cell: represents technology, a key facilitator in achieving the fundamentals of any goal. It is displayed in the form of a leaf to declare that any technology involved in PraxEco will be eco-friendly.
  • The eye: represents the important role of guidance that us humans have. We are the mentors on Earth response-able for all forms of life on Earth.
  • The dots connecting each of the trinity represent the network of PraxEco that is continuously connecting the dots and positively impacting the ecosystem.
  • The trinity are combined in a triangular manner to represent the self-sufficient nature of their harmonic collaboration.

PraxEco - The Name


    • "Practice, Exercise, Action", 1580s, from Medieval Latin praxis [1]


    • Ecology: The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.
    • Self-sustainability, representing naturally autonomous systems.
    • Ecosystems : represents a system composed of an environment and the organisms that live, feed and reproduce in it.

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