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Prairie Dust Farm was founded in 2011 when my brother and I acquired our first two Toggenburg does from Dewmar-Acres. We began breeding and raising Toggenburgs with the help of our mentor Mary Scofield. In 2014 my brother decided to get his own breed of goats and purchased an Oberhasli. Later that year we would add an Alpine to our herd. Since then we have been raising quality Toggs, Oberhaslis, and Alpines. While the Toggenburgs were my go to breed, in 2019 when my brother decided that the goats were no longer his passion; I could not let his hard work leave our farm and so I bought his Oberhasli and Alpines. We love showing with all of our goat friends and are ever thankful for their help in making our herd a success!


The main goal of Prairie Dust Farm is to raise quality show stock that can compete at all levels of showing and still provide the milk and meat we all love. We strive to continue to improve our herd through integrity while keeping breed character and structural soundness. All goats are test annually for CAE/CL and Johnes.

For Sale:

Animals for sale on this page are quality stock that have great potential be that for showing in 4-H, ADGA, or having a great companion. Stock that is not up to quality will not be sold for showing.


  • ADGA

  • AGS

  • NTC

  • CDGA

Live Breeding:

We do offer live breeding to our current bucks. These are drive way breeding's only. We ask that you call and discuss the possibility of using our bucks so that we may answer any questions as well as set up an appointment. Fees for the bucks are found under their picture.

*All does must be free of diseases and show proof of negative CAE test.

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Timmery Foster

Cell: 719-469-4802


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