T.Z.A.S.P. Mandal's

Pragati College of Arts & Commerce


A Library is the soul of any educational institution. The curriculum and teaching methods in Pragati College of Arts & Commerce e require both intensive and extensive use of the materials in the library. Keeping in view its essential role, the library is being constantly enriched by the acquisition of latest books and journals. This helps the library to keep in pace with changing times and to further the advancement of the academic endeavors of the college.

Objectives of the Library:

  • To acquire develop, maintain and provide a qualitative and quantitative collection of Books, Periodicals and other instructional material to support the academic program and educational objectives of the college.
  • To encourage use of variety of resources to help prepare students for success in information and technological age and for lifelong learning.
  • To collaborate with other libraries through a planned resource sharing programme.
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