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PracticumDigital℠ is a Virtual Internship Program in Analytics, Digital & Technology

We offer a practical "learn-by-doing" approach to develop core skills that are relevant for careers in Digital Technology, AI and Machine Learning. Our platform provides personalized learning and micro services including candidate sourcing, mentoring and coaching.

Start or advance a career in the Digital Economy through mentoring and competency-based projects at forward leaning companies in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York and around the world. The Client Partner projects are paid and can be completed on-site or remotely.

See available internship options for srping + summer 2020 herewith:

How It Works?

1. Create A Practicum Learner Profile®

Create a Practicum Learner Profile® based on learning needs, leaners style and individual characteristics to smooth the learning curve, while adapting to preferred content formats and delivery options.

2. Design A Personalized Learning Roadmap

Design a Personalized Learning Roadmap based on the most prevalent dimensions curated from Individual Learning Plans and availalde Practicum Virtual Program options.

3. Get Personalized Recommendations for Skill-based Learning

Recieve Personalized Recommendations from Industry Professionals, Skill-based Mentoring and Job Coaching form Corporate Recruiters.

- Option A: Data Science Analytics 📊 + 📈

  • Graduate Research 2020 Intern - Computational Social Science (New York, NY)
  • Graduate MBA 2020 Intern - Data Intelligence, Strategy & Growth (San Francisco, CA)
  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer Intern - ML/Data Science (San Jose, CA)
  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer Intern - Data Science (San Francisco, CA)

- Option B: Digital User Experience Design 🖥️ + 📱

  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer Intern - Merchandising (San Francisco, CA)
  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer Intern - Customer Success (San Francisco, CA)
  • Graduate 2020 Summer Intern - Sales Automation (San Francisco, CA)
  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer Intern - Business Development Analyst (San Francisco, CA)
  • Undergrad 2020 Summer Intern - Inbound Marketing (San Francisco, CA)
  • Graduate MBA 2020 Intern - Cross Border Business (San Francisco, CA)
  • Graduate 2020 Summer Intern - Data Scientist (San Francisco, CA)

- Option C: Technology Cloud & Blockchain ☁️ + ₿

  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer Intern - Artificial Intelligence ML/DL (San Francisco, CA)
  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer - AWS Cloud Services (San Francisco, CA)
  • Undergraduate 2020 Summer - Fintech Blockchain (New York, NY)
  • Undergraduate 2020 Spring - Product Management (New York, NY)


3 Skill-Based Program Options: Select one of three virtual programs in Analytics, Digital & Technology

We run three blended learning formats with a "practicum" capstone project. All virtual programs i.e. Bi-weekly Mentorships, 8-week Internships and 12-week Apprenticeships come with personalized learning content and access to Analytics, Digital & Technology Professionals.

Virtual Mentorships


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Job Placement(s)



Virtual Internships

8 Weeks

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Job Placement(s)


Skill-based Project(s)

Accredited Diploma(s)

Shared Support Services

Virtual Apprenticeships

12 Weeks

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Job Placement(s)


Skill-based Project(s)

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Dedicated Support Services

Client Partners

Client Partnership Projects and PracticumDigital℠

We run a Client Partnership Program that changes the lives of professionals pursuing a career in Digital Technology, AI and Machine Learning through flexible and practical skill-based learning.

Throughout the Practicum Program, Learners access online learning, mentoring, and professional networking groups to help them transition into a new career or advance into a new role.

As part of virtual internships and virtual apprenticeships at PracticumDigital℠, we help Learners become Earners by matching candidates with one of the Client Partner Companies.

We deliver to all Learners Linkedin Endorsements, Employer Certifications and Accredited Diplomas after completion of the Client Partner Projects.

See possible Client Partner Projects below:

UX / UI Research

Product Development

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation

Growth Hacking

Inbound Sales

Web / App Design

Content Management

Blockchain Distributed Ledger


Web / App Analytics Applications

Data Visualization

Machine Learning Applications

Recommender Engines

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Understanding

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