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Princeton Public Schools Bond Referendum


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Princeton is a uniquely desirable place to live and raise a family, and our schools are the beacon that draws people to our town.  

Our district is a leader in sustainability, wellness and social awareness, and that spirit of innovation extends to our long-term planning. The Princeton Board of Education seeks the most responsible and thoughtful strategies to meet the needs of students, staff and the community.  

On Nov. 7, we will ask voters to consider a $13 million bond referendum to make our schools safer and to improve and update our facilities. 

The proposed projects include security enhancements, high school cafeteria renovations, technology network upgrades, energy-efficient building climate controls,  and maintenance projects across the district.  

Princeton Public Schools has previously leveraged the funding mechanism of a bond referendum because of the availability of state debt service aid with voter approval.  A December 2018 referendum funded security vestibules at the middle and elementary schools and HVAC upgrades, and voters approved a proposal for roofing and other exterior building work in January 2022. 

If the November referendum passes, the state will contribute approximately $5 million in debt service aid toward payments for projects focused on security, renovations and major maintenance. Taxpayers across the state pay into the revenue that funds school construction projects, but districts only benefit when local voters approve a bond referendum.  

Bond funding also lets the district complete projects quickly and pay for them over time.  

By financing moderate projects with the advantage of state aid, the district can invest in continuous improvements as overall debt service holds fairly steady. The owner of a home assessed at Princeton’s average of $848,037 can expect to pay $104 more per year if the referendum passes. 


The Board and district leaders put extensive thought into the decisions that work best for our community. The scope of the referendum is based on previous input from community members, as well as a strategy of addressing needs in manageable phases. 


The projects included in the referendum would benefit all six district schools as well as community members who use our facilities.  

Safety & Security

Wellness & Sustainability

Major Maintenance


Download flyer and share with neighbors!

This one-page flyer contains key referendum details about proposed projects, the funding strategy, and how to vote. 

Download it and email it to Princeton residents in your circle who could use more information about the Nov. 7  election. 

The district is taking many steps to educate voters through press releases and newspaper ads, social media posts, this dedicated website, and other channels. 

Community members also will play a vital role by sharing information - including this digital flyer. It's an easy, sustainable way to help ensure all Princeton voters are engaged in a decision of importance for the entire community. 

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Learn more!

The district will provide extensive details about the bond proposal through this website, printed materials, social media and events to inform voters about this important matter for our schools.  


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