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Pearly Penile Papules treatment at Home

Pearly Penile Papules

There is a generally accepted opinion among medical circles that the large numbers of people affected by pearly penile papules are uncircumcised. However, this opinion is still contentious but the fact is that every male is susceptible to the condition whether circumcised or uncircumcised. The condition is characterised by bumps and it can affect people from various regions. The condition affects a diverse age group from 15-45years although it seems to affect males at the onset of puberty. Therefore it is not surprising that pearly penile papules affect a lot of males in their twenties.

By estimation half of the males in their twenties are believed to develop the condition at some point during the lifetime. And indeed the bulk numbers of males in the group are the uncircumcised. There are various remedies for the condition but pearly penile papules sometimes go away on its own but such bumps have a high chance of appearing back later on in life.

It is good to note that the condition is not a sexually transmitted infection. Also, the condition is not caused by hygiene or lack of it. One of the causes of the condition is believed to be the blockage of the male reproductive organ after the sebaceous glands (found under the penis) becomes engorged. Subsequently the inflated glands are filled with milk like substance which leads to the formation of white, sebaceous cysts. In the end there is the appearance of a large nu

The condition is normal and it basically affects any male regardless of race, sexual preferences, and region among other factors. But because of the similarities that are associated with the condition it is good to ensure that the bumps are on the rim and not any other location on the penis. Therefore you should be examined by a medical practitioner.

The good thing is that there are various treatment methods for the condition including natural treatments. The development of the condition is not associated with sexual preferences or race. There is also a lot of confusion especially when it comes to the appearance of the bumps. People tend to confuse them with sexually transmitted diseases because of the bumps. The condition becomes less prevalent as the people age. In addition the condition is not malignant, symptomatic, contagious or infectious. Furthermore pearly penile papules are not perceived to be a health risk in the males that are affected by the condition. However, it is important to take not of the location of the bumps to ensure that it is around the rim. If the bumps appear on some other location then you need to go to a medical specialist for a diagnosis.

One of the reasons why most males affected by pearly penile papules wish to have them removed is because of cosmetic reasons. The fact is that condition is actually harmless to the body. The bumps will make the affected person feel uncomfortable during sex. The suspicion brings a lot of confusion to their sex partners who assume that the symptoms are linked to a sexually transmitted disease and they might refuse to have sex with them.

What is Pearly Penile Papules?

One way of identifying the pearly penile papules is through the appearance of bumps that are dome shaped, fleshly coloured surrounding the male genital organ. The condition is known in various names and usually abbreviated as PPP. Just as many of the discovered medical conditions pearly penis papules have a few scientific names that can be used in identifying it. The names include Hirsutoid Papillomas, Hirusites Papillaris Genitalis or Hirusites Coronae Glandis. In essence the PPP is a condition that affects the male genitalia but at times disappear on its own –but with a high risk of appearing back later on in life.

The condition is not sexually transmitted neither is it contagious. In order to differentiate the condition with other presumably sexually transmitted conditions it is good to note that PPP only appears on the corona of the penis or in some instances on either side of the Fraenulum. Therefore if you notice the bumps in any other parts of the penis then you need to get a medical check up to confirm the condition. There are many forms of treatment that can be used including the natural treatments. The most common effective methods of treatment are based on the removal of the PPP. Studies done indicate that the condition is more prevalent in male who are not circumcised. However, this is just an opinion yet to be completely proven through scientific means.

The condition usually affects males and the cost of treatment will depend on the kind of treatment method that is going to be used. The surgical methods of treatment can cost up to an average of $3000 but the natural remedies cost much less. There are other conditions that are almost similar to the pearly penile papule disease such as the genital skin tags and the genital warts or HPV, Fordyce spots (this is a form of pearly penile papules that appears on the shaft) and the sebaceous glands prominence.

The age group that is usually affected is males between 16-45 although once it disappear on its own there is a high chance of appearing back later on in life. The causes are not known but the condition is harmless with only a certain discomfort during sexual intercourse. The psychological affects of the conditions are best describe by the suspicions that overwhelm women sexual partners; they tend to presume that the condition is a disease that is either contagious or it is a sexually transmitted disease. In actual sense medical studies have proved beyond reasonable doubts that the condition is not harmful to the affected.

The symptoms of PPP vary from individual to individual depending on the skin tone. In most cases the Pearly penile papules appear as white bumps or as pink coloured bumps which is referred to as pink pearly penile papules. But is imperative to take tests to affirm the condition which can be confused with few of the others penile disorders discussed above. Even though the causes of the conditions are still unknown there is wisely accepted belief in the medical circles that PPP comes about from the blockage of sebaceous glands. Also there is association of the condition with masturbation, papilloma virus and the most common being circumcision with the causes of PPP.

The causes of Pearly Penile Papules

The truth is that the Pearly penile papule condition has psychological effects especially when it comes to sexual relationship. They simply may not understand that the disease is neither contagious nor sexually transmitted. However there has been speculation on the causes of the condition but they are still unproven, at least medically or scientifically. In actual sense the penile papules are growth bumps that are found on the corona surrounding the penis. The condition is typically a male disease. The growths are rounded in appearance and are either white like in colour or fleshly coloured. Since the bumps are not harmful to a person they may not necessarily need to be treated. But for most affected people there is always embarrassment that is associated with the condition especially during sexual activities.

The widely accepted notion about the predisposed factors in the causes of PPP is being uncircumcised. However, as most of the information about the causes of PPP, this too is yet to be proven medically. The condition is known to affect males from the age of 16-45 and the prevalence decrease with age and a reason most people affected by the condition are in their twenties. The group that is at high risk of developing the condition are usually those that have just turned to puberty. Even though the condition may disappear on its own there is a high chance that it will reappear later on in life. The large number of males affected (approximately half of the group) are usually uncircumcised a reason the condition is linked to the act.

Perhaps the best way to understand the causes of the pearly penile papules is to point out some of the factors that may not lead to the condition. For instance even though the condition is characterised by symptoms similar to those found in many various sexually transmitted diseases, it is not a sexually transmitted disease. And this is one of the reasons that most people are so eager to have them removed either through surgical methods or natural treatment because of the embarrassment associated with the bumps. Secondly it is good to note that hygiene has nothing to do with the causes of PPP. There is a presumption that is made by most people concerning the conditions, which basically assumes that cleanliness or lack of it is the cause of their problems in PPP.

It is also imperative to note that the condition is not limited to sexual preferences or race either. However, they have an appearance that is not appealing to most people and a major cause of the embarrassment. The condition is not malignant, infectious or even contagious plus it tends to decrease with the age. The affected parson is not at any risk medical or otherwise from the condition. The disease can affect any male from the stipulated age and there are various natural remedies that can be used at home with such ingredients as lemon juice or castor oil. The PPP can also be removed through surgical means or through the use of lasers.

The natural treatments of Pearly Penile Papules

One of the best natural methods of removal of Pearly Penile Papules is through the use of tea tree oil. The method has similarities to the iodine methods of treatment. In order to have the best results you need to use the pure tea tree oil instead of the blended versions such as the thinned or mixed blends. The other items that you need in the treatment include clean a container probably a cup or glass and cotton buds.

You begin by cleaning the area and then leaving it dry while uncovered. Then put some little amount of the tea tree oil in the glass or cup. Next you need to dip the cotton bud into the oil and make the application on the papules. Afterwards allow the oil to dry on the skin as it is absorbed for about 5 minutes. For better effectiveness in these kinds of natural treatments methods you need to repeat the process a couple of times more. The good thing is that there are no risks associated with this method of treatment.

In order to get the best out of the lemons as one of the natural home remedies you should then look out for real lemons especially the juice that is extracted from the lemons. The juice usually has acids that help in the removal of the skin that is already dead because of the papules –in the process taking the papules along with it. In any case you should not be scared since the acids found on the lemon juice are not strong enough to cause any damage. The juice should be squeezed into a container such as the glass or cup and it can be made easier if you have a squeezer. Using a cotton wool then you can apply it in the affected area and it will sting a little because the area is fragile. The juice should be allowed to dry naturally. The best time to do this is usually in the night and subsequently cleans the area in the morning. The process should be repeated a few times more to allow for the best results. If you cut one half of the lemon then you can store the other in the fridge to be used later.

In most cases the pearly penile papules is treated at home using the above treatment methods and also other ingridients such as castor oil. The natural ingredients used in treating the Pearly Penile Papules as usually relevant for their nature. Therefore it is important to extract them in their natural form and not packed stuff. And indeed ingredients such as tea tree oil and lemon juice are very powerful in the treatment of PPP. Plus the two substances do not present any risks such as some methods that will require the use of corrosive substances or even soldering iron as means of dealing with the condition. The causes of PPP are not yet known but there are various presumptions that are made about the condition such as the blockage of the male reproductive organs through the sebaceous glands. The reasons that people are motivated to remove them are because they are appearing as symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

The home remedies for Pearly Penile Papules

The highest numbers of people affected by the Pearly Penile Papules or PPP are uncircumcised. However, this opinion is yet to be scientifically proven including other associations with the condition such as masturbation as well. Every male is susceptible to the conditions especially from the age of 16 to 45 years. The disorder can be identified through bumps that are whitish or pick coloured plus it is not confined to any region of the world or to a particular race. Most people affected are in their twenties and the condition is more prevalent at the onset of puberty among males.

There are various remedies that can be used to treat the conditions. Basically the treatments are divided into home remedies and the surgical removal of the conditions. According to the various studies done on the condition, it is safe to say that PPP is harmless. However for most people affected there is a need to remove the bumps which characterise the condition because of the psychological effects. In most cases the condition affects the sexual activities of those affected since their sexual partners presume that it is sexually transmitted disease or genital warts. The other reasons that will inspire the affected to remove the Pearly Penile Papules is for cosmetic reasons since the appearance is not a pretty sight to look at.

There are two ways of dealing with Pearly Penile Papules one of the methods is perceived as the natural treatment while the other can be described as surgical in its executions. There is the surgical removal of Pearly Penile Papules or the home treatment which is non-surgical in nature. The surgical methods of treatment includes Cryosurgery, Excision surgery- which is basically the removal of the bumps by surgical excision, CO2 laser therapy, in this method the penile papules are actually vaporised through a focussed CO2 laser beam, radio surgery and Hyfrecator –the PPP are removed through a Hyfrecator.

When it comes to the home treatment the condition is cured using various Pearly Penile Papules home remedies. The home treatment usually employs unnatural and natural ingredients which can be further divided into three categories. The home remedies can include some of the unnatural ingredients which are bought over the counter. These over the counter form of the treatment include the purchase of the Pearly Penile Papules creams and a host of other chemical preparations. The natural Pearly Penile Papules treatments include castor oils, tea tree oil among other ingredients. Also, there are modified forms of treatments that can be used at home. Researchers and medical specialists have devised ways of combining certain elements in order to do away with the pearly penile papules naturally at home. The natural methods that are improvised have proven a great way of dealing with the conditions with fewer side effects.

After identification of the causes of Pearly Penile Papules one should be very careful on how they approach the unscientific and highly risky methods of removal of pearly penile papules. In such unorthodox methods the PPP are burnt using some very corrosive substance or through soldering iron.