Poyraz Research Group

Welcome to Poyraz Research Group!

Our laboratory joined Kennesaw State University in Fall 2017. We are a nanomaterials research group and the main theme of our research projects is to develop functional nanomaterials with controlled physicochemical, structural, and morphological properties.

Our research interests are in the broad area of inorganic materials design, synthesis and characterization. The design of unique materials with tunable porosity (microporous &mesoporous), crystallinity, surface acid-basicity, defect structure, and redox properties for numerous catalytic, adsorption, separation, and energy storage applications is the core of our research projects. We incorporate numerous synthetic strategies such as sol-gel, redox, hydrothermal, reflux, solid-state, nanocasting (hard templating), and surfactant assisted soft templating in our research.

Research Opportunities (Open Positions !!!)

We are currently seeking for undergraduate and graduate (masters) level researchers to join our laboratory starting Spring 2018. Check our ongoing research projects. Contact Dr. Poyraz for more detail