Welcome to San Diego PowerMasters Toastmasters club

Kearny Mesa | Clairmont Mesa | Mission Valley

We are meeting in-person and online!

We are meeting HYBRID, please feel welcomed to join our online meeting or attend in person!

We are polishing our public-speaking and online presence skills all at the same time!

Visit us virtually and take advantage of this easy access, time-saving, cost-effective and flexible option! We are welcoming members and guests from all around the world!

Our club was proudly chartered in 2008. We've been meeting for more than two decades!

PowerMasters is a specialty club, we are a business-oriented chapter of Toastmasters!

Business matters are our primary focus and we strive to add professional value to any topic. Our club revolves around professional development while making it meaningful to each individual. Members of our club have included a District Governor, an Area Governor and a Central Division Director.

Become a better speaker and leader!

You join a community of learners. In our meetings we learn by doing and focus on honing the skills that make our club unique:

Become a stronger communicator and leader!

Toastmasters has been proven to improve communication and leadership skills. PowerMasters can help you communicate effectively and achieve confidence.

Whether you are a professional, retiree, a student, or stay-at-home parent, you will build skills to express yourself and open up a world of new possibilities:

Our club is a place where you learn by doing

You will feel welcome and valued - from beginners to advanced speakers. In a club meeting, you will practice giving prepared and impromptu speeches.

The Toastmasters Pathways program allows you to progress at your own pace: for each prepared speech, an evaluator points out strengths and suggests improvements. 

Advance in your personal goals

Want to be better at negotiating your salary with your boss? Networking at business or social functions?

By learning to effectively formulate, organize, and express your ideas to others, you can achieve success.

You'll be more capable and confident when giving presentations.

You'll be more persuasive when working with prospective clients.