Workshop Descriptions

Please see workshop descriptions below.


In this particular workshop we explore "belonging". We explore what it feels like to belong, and what it feels like when we don't. We will explore how we can get to a place where "we belong".. AS OURSELVES.

Power to Choose

This particular workshop focuses on teaching girls that our thoughts have power, and we have the power to choose our thoughts - by becoming mindful of their choices, they are better equipped to handle life's challenges.

Dare To Be Me

An "influencer" is anything positive or negative that affects one's beliefs or behaviours. This particular workshop focuses on teaching girls to stand proud and stay true to themselves - because they are beautifully unique.

Mind & Body Connection

This particular workshop focuses on teaching girls that their mind and their body are very much connected. By learning how to strengthen that connection, they can live in a more healthy, peaceful and focused way.

Meditation and Mindfulness - Healing

This workshop focuses on inspiring the girls to use mind and body tools to stay centered, to feel grounded and to find internal resolution, especially in the face of conflict and struggle.

Attitude of Gratitude

This particular workshop is all about exploring the ways in which we can improve and transform ourselves through a deep appreciation and celebration of what we are already grateful for.

Self love & Self Confidence/ Becoming my own BFF

This workshop aims to show girls that each is unique and brilliant in her own special way. The focus is on celebrating her strengths, understanding her own value and feeling the confidence to share that with the world.

Intuition and Finding Your Voice

This particular workshop focuses on empowering girls to trust their own inner voice. The focus is on encouraging them to use that inner wisdom to create a balanced and happy life while giving them a feeling of safety and ease.

My Words Create My World

This particular workshop focuses on teaching girls that by choosing the quality of the words they use on a moment to moment basis, they are actively also choosing the way that they live in this world. The more they become aware of how they use their words to speak, the sooner they can become the hero in ALL the stories that they will create throughout their lives.

Cut the "BS" - Belief Systems

Find out what a belief system is. In this particular workshop we will explore FALSE belief systems and the skills to manage them. "BS" belief systems such as: "I am my worry", "I can't handle it", "The worst outcome will happen", "My worth is outside of myself", "disconnected from myself".

I Am Responsible For The World I See

This particular workshop focuses on teaching girls that by becoming aware of their perceptions, they can literally change the way they see the world and everyday situations in their own lives. They will come to understand that when they CHOOSE to take responsibility for their thoughts and their actions, they can become part of the solution, rather than placing blame on others and staying stuck in the problem.

Creative Goal Setting

This workshop is designed to teach the girls that when they want to create anything in their lives or turn their dreams into reality, they must first focus on the goal and take positive action to turn bring what they want to life.

Discovering My Unique Superpowers

This particular workshop aims to teach young girls that the power of the universe is within each of them. They will learn that they have their own unique set of traits that will add value to their lives and the lives of others. Once they learn that these traits exist, they can use them to fuel themselves to live a happier and healthier life in every moment.

The Leader in Me

This particular workshop focuses on teaching girls how to be a leader in their own lives while empowering them to become mindful, conscious & positive role models for others. They will learn that by leading with their hearts, they can inspire change and positivity within themselves and those around them.