Is it non-denominational?

Yes, workshops are completely non-denominational. Foundation is only love and kindness.

What is your cancellation policy?

Full refund – cancellation more than 1 week with written notice prior to the start of the workshop

No refund – cancellation within 3 days prior to the start of the course

May I make a charity suggestion?

Please feel free to suggest local charities. Local charities that Power Ups! can support and relate to help facilitate their empowerment.

How long is each workshop?

Choose either "live on location" workshops - 2 hours, or ZOOM online workshops - 1 hour

Do parents attend/stay with the kids?

The workshops are for kids only.

Are you available for private group workshops?

YES! If you or your group are interested in hosting a single workshop, please contact me.

My child attended last year. Is it new material and lessons each year? Should I enroll them again this year?

For now, the sessions themes will remain the same. Craft/activities may change from time to time depending on the size of the group and the complexity of the craft. I welcome any "PUPs" (Power Ups!) who have previously attended. Each new group has their own creative energy, perspectives and life experiences.

Do you offer workshops for girls older than 11?

Girls under the age of 11 are very impressionable. During this time, they begin to construct their beliefs and formulate their world. While empowerment is not specific to age or gender, my wish is to empower them as early as possible so they may thrive as pressures become more challenging. If scheduling permits, I would fully support a workshop for girls ages 11 and older in the future.

Do you offer workshops for boys?

I believe ALL children would benefit from empowering workshops. Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to offer boys workshops due to scheduling.