A Video Guide To Posture Correction

By Dr. Serena Elhard

Are you confused by all the exercise videos out there? Don't have a lot of time? These videos are similar to the instruction I would give to most patients, and are therefore hand-picked by me. These videos relate to Corrective exercise, which is exercise geared towards repairing dysfunctional areas of the body. Corrective Exercise has been shown to decrease pain and increase functionality of troublesome joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and more. While these videos are useful for approximately identifying and addressing a problem, a proper functional evaluation is more beneficial to determine more specifically what exercises to focus on. For example, a rounded back may be related more to a pelvic problem and that may be related to foot dysfunction, but the video may only address how to reduce the problems related to a rounded back without going into detail about possible root causes. Because of my passion for ballroom and west coast swing dancing, I am passionate about helping dancers through troubled movement to identify a wide range of potential problems!

Self Myofascial Release: Pec Minor

Static Stretch: Pec Minor- Opens Shoulders

Joint mobility: to increase thoracic extension. Progression: use foam roller.

Static Stretch: Latissimus Dorsi

Self Myofascial Release: Lats and Foam Roller Thoracic Extension.

Advanced self myofascial release.

Education and Awareness: Shoulder retraction

Activation for work. Use this to start learning awareness. Then use the "3 month baby" exercisand supine isolated serratus exercise at home.

Activation: We first learned shoulder and scapular stabilization as babies. Taking you back to that position to re-learn proper movement.

#1 Activation exercise for scapula stabilization: It eliminates using pecs which we work so hard to stretch. Reasons explained.

Activation Progression