Tips for Using Google Posts for Business Advantage

Although there is yet to be an emphasize to be put on Google Posts, it is one of the features which hide in them the very features you may need to give your online and offline business the very boost you need. This feature was initiated in 2016 presidential campaign in order to provide candidates with an opportunity to express their public opinion in front of the internet, and Google, audience.

Although this feature looks pretty similar to the social sharing and posting, it’s not exactly something like that. It doesn’t allow users to comment, like or follow the posts.

By March 2016, this way of posting was pretty much popular among online and offline businesses. This feature provides businessmen with an ease in posting about events, announcements, products and special offers. As a result, the businesses can easily connect with the customers in their specific areas. One thing worth mentioning here is that this feature also extracts address information from Google My Business page.

These posts stay in SERPs for 7 days unless you want to remove them earlier. Although these posts are very easy to manage, there are some tips that you can keep in your mind in order to optimize your posts well.

High quality and captivating images

You can add images in these posts. And when it comes to marketing, the images need to be pretty attractive from marketing perspective. However, you have to make sure that size of these images is appropriate. Typically, the size of 750px x 750px is ideal for a Google post. The image can be of either JPG or PNG format.


Headline of your post play an important role when you write the post. You don’t have to worry about keeping things generic as this option specifically allows businesses to make announcements or give information about the events, special offers or new launches. Thus, you have to make sure that you have written a catchy headline to tell the people that there is amazing information for them in the remaining text.

Brief but comprehensive description

While SERPs allow only 80 characters to be displayed, you can definitely write more in a post. However, you will need to focus on these 80 characters in order to bring people on your post page. Make sure that these 80 characters are giving good idea about your post.

Call to action

You might wonder about the right opportunities to give call-to-action on other platforms, but this is the very platform which allows you to give a call-to-action. A short call-to-action can help you get a visitor transforming into a potential customer.

Click tracking

It’s an amazing feature which allows you to track the viewers’ progress after they click your call-to-action. It’s because your Google My Business gives you an option to see the progress of viewers who click your CTAs. Using this tracking option, you can know about the success of your post.