Thursday, February 22

7:00-9:00: Welcome Social (Shady Park / 26 E. University Dr.; Tempe, AZ 85281)

Friday, February 23

8:00-9:00: Breakfast (catered) (Wrigley Hall)

9:00-10:30: Paper Panel: Ecologies (Wrigley Hall L1-04)

    • ""It's the [Toxicity of Pervasive Humanism], Stupid": Using Post-Humanism as a Theoretical Guide to Climate Change Mitigation Efforts," Carrie Clower, University of Alabama
    • "Asbestos to Asphalt: Earthbound Agency from Land Art to Public Fieldwork," Ellie Irons, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    • "A Schizophrenic Clattering of the Jaws: Encountering the Face of Climate Change," Angela Sakrison, Arizona State University

11:00-12:30: Paper Panel: Socialities (Wrigley Hall L1-04)

    • "Distortion as Tactic: Psychedelic Sights and Sounds of the 1960s," Celina Osuna, Arizona State University
    • "Mao, Badiou, and Cultural Revolution," Jonathan Bratt, Arizona State University
    • "Technocratic Dreams, Social Management & Abandoning The Left," Robert William Poe, Arizona State University

12:30-2:00: Lunch (catered) (Wrigley Hall)

2:00-3:00: Workshop (Wrigley Hall L1-04)

    • "Realizing Transphysical Spaces: Psychogeography, Sensing Urbanisms and Posthuman Ecologies," Josh Grant-Young, University of Guelph

3:00-3:30: Coffee (Wrigley Hall)

3:30-5:00: Keynote (Wrigley Hall L1-04)

    • "The Pirate Function: Developmental Lag, Illegitimate Generation, and Posthuman Contingency," Kavita Philip, University of California, Irvine

5:30-8:00: Reception (West 6th / 133 W. 6th St., Tower 2; Tempe, AZ 85281 / Call (669) 228-4806 when you arrive)

Saturday, February 24

8:00-9:00: Breakfast (catered) (Wrigley Hall)

9:00-10:30: Paper Panel: Technologies (Wrigley Hall L1-04)

    • "The Second Phase of Sustainability in the Field of Design: Identifying the Success Factors of Design Innovation Through Design Thinking in the Ethnic Craft Industry in Northern Thailand," Hyojin Lee, Arizona State University
    • "Man’s Wish for a Womb: Alchemical Reproductive Politics in Popular Narratives of Artificial Life," Nat Mengist, Independent Scholar
    • "The P.L.A.C.E. Project - How Transpiring Ways of Situation Affect Agency," David Wilson and Brent Dell, University of Texas at Dallas

11:00-12:30: Paper Panel: Poetics I (Wrigley Hall L1-04)

    • "The End of the Faustian Man and the Limits of Progress: “The Possibility of Doing the Impossible” and Environmental Concerns in John Cage’s United States Bicentennial Compositions," Joseph Finkel, Independent Scholar
    • "American AIDS Activism in the Media and Arts," Leslie Smith, Arizona State University
    • "I am Not your ‘Boy’ or ‘Gal’ in 2018: Afrofuturist Liminal Space as Praxis and Pushback to Post-Humanism," Sakena Young-Scaggs, Arizona State University

12:30-2:00: Lunch (catered) (Wrigley Hall)

2:00-3:30: Paper Panel: Poetics II (Wrigley Hall L1-04)

    • "Materiality, Autonomy, Horror: The Deep Play of Theory-Fiction," Cody Jones, University of Chicago
    • "Ethicoaesthetic Critique in Carlos Reygadas’s Post Tenebras Lux," Zachary Thomas, Arizona State University
    • "Kobo Abe and What More can a Human Be," Emiddio Vasquez, Arizona State University

4:00-6:00: Art and Media Presentations (Matthew Center 222)

    • "Corporeal Financial Liquidity and Gestures of Trans-action: Experimental and Experiential Speculative Economics," Garrett Laroy Johnson, Arizona State University
    • "“Underground Weather”: 1968 → 2068, an Algorithmic Speculative Fiction," Noah Travis Phillips, University of Denver
    • "Attuning the Body, Stretching the Feeling. A Coliseum for the Senses," Desiree Foerster, University of Potsdam
    • "Atmospheres Workshop || Exploratory Platform: Caustic Scenography + Responsive Cloud Formation," Nima Navab and Thierry Dumont, Topological Media Lab

8:00-10:00: Performance Session (Digital Arts Ranch)

    • Performers: Gabby Isaac, Jack McConnell, Anthony Obr, Michael Gelinas, and NPSYCH MFK

Sunday, February 25

TBD: Field Trip

    • We hope to do an informal trip to the desert sometime Sunday, pending interest. Let us know during the conference if you are interested in coming along.