CFP + Submission



"More than ever today, nature has become inseparable from culture; and if we are to understand the interactions between ecosystems, the mechanosphere, and the social and individual universes of reference, we have to learn to think 'transversally'. As the waters of Venice are invaded by monstrous, mutant algae, so our television screens are peopled and saturated by ‘degenerate' images and utterances. In the realm of social ecology, Donald Trump and his ilk - another form of algae - are permitted to proliferate unchecked. . . We find ourselves repeatedly on the brink of situations of catastrophic self-destruction. How then do we regain control?” - Felix Guattari, “The Three Ecologies” (1989)

The Post-Human Network (PHuN) would like to extend a call for abstracts (250-words) for

a series of panels at SLSA titled Posthuman Ecologies. We plan to organize up to three

panels inspired by Guattari’s Three Ecologies (the mental, the social, and environmental).

We invite presenters to engage across disciplines and in dialogue with the concerns and

problems of posthumanism.

The Post-Human Network (PHuN or "Fun") is an emerging collective of students and

faculty based at Arizona State University. We engage with streams of ‘post-humanist’

thought and practice and seek to move beyond anthropocentrism in the academy

and in society. More information at

Kindly email your abstract, name, title, and affiliation to before the

submission deadline (May 15, 2017). If you have already submitted an abstract directly to

SLSA for consideration, please indicate that in your email so we can notify organizers that

you’re affiliated with a PHuN panel.