Caleb Posten

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After spending the first twenty-five years of my life in Wyoming, I moved to Texas and began pursuing a career as a writer. I have already compiled a collection of works, including three novels and numerous short stories, that I hope to soon publish. The experiences I have received--from outdoor and country adventures in Wyoming, to city life in Texas--have aided in the growth and formation of my own eclectic style of writing that I hope you will enjoy.

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​Caleb Posten

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Reviews of The Mouth of the Mine

"The themes of loss of innocence... and the thought patterns of youth make a challenging story. Posten's novel is a gleefully dizzy ride." -

"The Mouth of the Mine is a timeless story about family, greed, and a nice reminder about remembering what, and who, is important in life." -

"A tantalizing mix of suspense and murder, written in a glued-to-your-chair/bed/lounge manner that guarantees late nights -- or very early mornings." - Review

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