What is Big Data (or data mining)?

It is a study about extracting value from data. Data is everywhere, heterogeneous, and continuously increasing. For example, rapidly growing is the Internet, data warehouses, biological data, or scientific data. Rich data but poor information is a common phenomenon in real world. Big Data has been chosen as the top 10 crucial technology that would change the world! Big Data is an interdisciplinary field that involves databases, machine learning, statistics, algorithms, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Our current research interests reside in multi-modal learning, recommender system, anomaly detection, natural language processing, stream data mining, and scalable machine learning. We handle multiple types of data including tables, matrix, tensor, text, image, graph, and time-series.

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Our lab is recruiting MS/PhD students. Please, contact me first if you want to join our lab. I am especially excited about working with exceptional (undergraduate or graduate) students. My goal for students is to maximize their potentials and abilities to draw out influential research results. Specifically, my research guidance emphasizes 1) identifying fundamental and important research problems by a thorough understanding of literature and working on real-world problems, 2) developing technical skills through comprehensive implementations and experiments, and 3) presenting and writing out ideas and results into top-tier conference or journal publications.

Our lab has the strongest publication records nationwide in the area, and my students have won prestigious awards such as top prizes in world data mining competitions, awards at top-tier conferences, fellowships from Microsoft, Naver, and Samsung. Most of our PhDs have been offered full-time positions from major industries or academia in USA.

Data Intelligence (Big Data & Artificial Intelligence) Lab.,

Department of Computer Science & Engineering,

RIST 4308, San 31, Hyoja-dong, Nam-gu, Pohang, Gyoungbuk, Republic of Korea (790-784)

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