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Research Area: Smart Manufacturing Systems

Research Topic:

- Big Data and Predictive Analytics

      • Development of ST Simulator based on DFA (L Electronics company)·
      • Development of prognostics and health management for SMEs (MOTIE funded, Ongoing)·
      • Manufacturing big data Analytics based decision support service (MOTIE funded, Ongoing)
      • Deep learning applications on manufacturing systems (MOTIE funded, Ongoing)
      • Predictive model maintenance
      • Prediction of standard time based on product specification using historical data

- Cyber-Physical Production Systems

      • Development of virtual factory based on physical production systems
      • Scheduling optimal manufacturing process
      • Service-oriented Cyber-Physical production system architecture

Lab history

  • 1994.9.16 - Dr. Cho joined Dept. of Industrial Engineering of POSTECH
  • 1994.9.16 - MSI(Manufacturing Systems Integration) Lab opened
  • 2001.2.14 - First Ph.D. (Joo, Jaekoo) graduated
  • 2012.3.1 - Joint appointment with CITE (Department of Creative IT Excellence Engineering)
  • 2012.6.14 - Changed to ISL (Systems Integration and Innovation) Lab

  • Total of 12 Ph.D. Graduates
  • Total of 27 M.S. Graduates