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About the PostdocNet Equity and Diversity working group

Our working group aims to promote equal opportunity, equity, and diversity within the Max Planck Society, with a particular focus on raising awareness concerning inclusion, equality and diversity within academia and beyond. The working group currently has 15 members from 13 Institutes collaborating to highlight, build dialogue and organize around issues of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation and all other diverse elements that make up the our community. Building on the work of previous members, the group intends to carry out its aims through a monthly seminar series and interviews with inspiring role-models in science. These activities, as well as networking with other groups within the Max Planck Society, hope to contribute to a greater feeling of representation for all postdocs. In addition we seek to work towards breaking down the remaining barriers to equal opportunity and bring greater attention to issues of equality and diversity, while at the same time hoping to inspire and engage the wider PostdocNet community. For questions or if you would to get involved, you can contact us at [equalitydiversity at postdocnet.mpg.de].