Open Postdoc Positions in

3D Computer Vision and Deep Learning

at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am excited to announce that our research group has open postdoc positions. In particular, we will develop innovative approaches for modeling outdoor architectural structures in much richer ways than before, from multi-modal sensor data, airborne or from space. I will move to Simon Fraser University this summer, which offers superb research environments with amazing colleagues such as Greg Mori, Ping Tan, Richard Zhang, Mark Drew, and Ze-Nian Li. Therefore, this will be an opportunity in Vancouver Canada.

The applications must have very strong academic background and high engineering skills (i.e., making things to work). More precisely

  • Applicants should have multiple published papers at top-tier Computer Vision, Machine Learning, or Computer Graphics conferences as the first author (i.e., CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICML, NIPS, SIGGRAPH, and SIGGRAPH-Asia)
  • Applicants must be an expert in deep learning and also have strong C++ coding experiences (yes, C++ as this is high-fidelity 3D Computer Vision
  • Ideally, applicants should have some experiences in geometric data handling (e.g., depth maps, point-clouds, and polygons)

If you are interested or know somebody who should be interested in, please write to me at I can explain more details about the project and research ideas behind

Best regards,

Yasutaka Furukawa. Assistant Professor. Computer Science & Engineering Department, Washington University in St. Louis