Salvation by Grace

Salvation by Grace

Based on sermon by:

Rev. Ryan Barnhart

August 28, 2016

Delivered at:

Post Oak Presbyterian Church

Cookeville, TN

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1. Justification Is Necessary For All Humanity

a. God’s salvation comes through the Gospel

Romans 1:16

b. To be saved is to be justified by faith in Christ alone

Romans 1:16

c. Salvation is to everyone that believes the Gospel

Romans 1:16

d. The righteousness of God is revealed in the Gospel and received by faith

Romans 1:17

2. Justification Is Necessary For Gentiles

a. Those who are not justified by faith in Christ alone face the wrath of God.

Romans 1:18

b. Even the pagan heathens are without excuse for not believing in God

Romans 1:19-32

3. Justification Is Necessary For Jews

a. Religious Jews face God’s wrath just as the pagan Gentiles

Romans 2:1

Romans 2:8-11

Romans 2:28-29