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History of Post Oak Church

Post Oak originated from the Prospect Cumberland Presbyterian Church which in the early days was used for Camp Meetings, where people would come from all around with the whole family and camp for as long as two weeks at a time and have revival services. For several years before Post Oak was formed, some members had services in a church building called Small Change, which was built with small change donated by people of four denominations: Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ, and Presbyterian. Each denomination had its Minister who preached one Sunday each month following Sunday School. When the members decided to build a new church called Post Oak, charter member Willie Phy donated 2 acres of land on which to put the church. In 1927 a Manse was built on the church grounds to be used by the minister and his family. Jasper J. Phy donated a big tree to make the studs with which to build the manse. In 1930 the members accepted $50.00 from the First Presbyterian Church in Haddenfield. New Jersey to be applied on the purchase of a Delco Light Plant to furnish electric lights for the Church and the Manse. Later in 1950, this Plant was sold to Haskell and Dawson Phy for $5.00. One time the building was blown off its foundation by a wind storm, but was jacked up and repaired and served for several years after that. During the 1930's a yearly every member canvas was taken to pay Presbytery dues. One of the Elders (Willie Phy) was known to have traveled to each member's home to collect the dues. which were 25 to 35 cents. Also. each woman of the church was asked to give a hen and what she produced during the Summer to the Lord. The men were asked to give an acre of corn to help with the expenses of the Church. In the middle 1930's, when the Church did not have a minister, Dewey Wilmoth would bring his radio to church and we would listen to preaching services on the radio. In 1941 the Session voted to raise money for outside restrooms for the Church. Prior to this no facilities were available for use. Also. in that year the Session voted for the young people to raise money for a building fund for a new church building. The plan was to build a stone building. So the young people went to work hauling rocks from Elder Edgar Phillips's farm. Rev. B. W. Covington purchased a sawmill. His sons, Biliy, John, and Dawson Phy sawed the lumber for the new Church. In 1942 the Session voted lo check with Haskell Phy about getting 3 acres of land for the Church on the East side of the Manse in order to get a grant from the Presbytery Board to build a new church building. In 1947 an application was made to the Board for a $2,500 mortgage to aid in building the new church building. It was agreed that the congregation match this $2 500 in the same amount in labor, material and cash.

Later on this same year the Session approved a site for the new Church building immediately West of the old building In 1948 a brick veneer building was constructed and continues to serve the community for its worship services. The old building was sold to Erchell Phy for small sum. Since the building of the new church several improvements have been added including: indoor restrooms, central heat and air conditioning and the

stained glass windows were put in as memorials to family members. In April 1993 under the leadership of Pastor

David Duggan we took a leap of faith and started a building fund for $60.000 to add a new fellowship hall, three classrooms, a pastor study, and a kitchen. One year later we were proud to say that we were ready to move into the new facilities and have a dedication and note burning services. From the membership of this church two young men, Donald Wilmoth and Vernon Robinson became ordained ministers. During this 100 year period, there have been some 25 to 30 pastors and supply ministers.

S. K. Phillips was the first pastor and served several different times after that. B. W. Covington was here the most years serving two callings totaling about 15 years. Also. Jesse Bonkemeyer served two callings for about 5 years. Andrew Albert served for about 4 years. E. N. Bruce served one calling for 8 years. David Duggan served one calling of 4 Years. The song leaders of this church include Charlie Wilmoth who led our singing for many, many years beginning in his teen years and through most of his life as long as he was able. His brother. Jere Wilmoth. filled in for him when he could not be here. Russell Phv, grandson of Jesse Gilliam a former pastor, served as song leader for a

short period of time. Alton Freeman was the song leader of the Church since 1971. Lloyd Covington now serves as the song leader. These two are 4th generation descendants of charter members.Over the years there have been several organists and pianists: Arvie Phillips who played the old pump organ.

Dorcie Phy Stockton granddaughter of charter members Willie and OIlie Phv. Helen Covington Copeland daughter of former pastor Rev. B.W Covington, the current ones are Marie Wilmoth granddaughter of former pastor Rev. Fount Smith and Mary Dimple Covington granddaughter of Rev. S. K. Phillips.

-History by Mary D. Covington